The 3,14 Live program is developed in conjunction with the exhibitions we present, forming a backdrop for the theme of the events.

In a world that is experienced as complex and caricatured at the same time, we see it as important to give voice to projects that have a direct or indirect sensemaking function. Kunsthall 3,14 sees its job as an art institution to serve artistic and free thought: it is through reflection that we can put actions to test. We are looking for artistic, free and independent projects that help build up the conditions that enable us to see what is happening in the world, anchored in the local community of Bergen. ​3,14


3,14 Live is curated by our debate editor Gitte Sætre. Please contact her if you have any questions or proposals

Below  a list of upcoming and past events.


BOOK LAUNCH:  Norsk Kunstårbok 2022

at Kunsthall 3,14

Thursday 24. November, 2022, kl. 18.30-20.00

Welcome to the Bergen launch of Norsk Kunstårbok 2022!

This evening we welcome you to a conversation between Vagant editor Audun Lindholm and the editor of Norsk kunstårbok, Susanne Christensen. They will discuss Norsk kunstårbok: what has it been and what might it become?

After a short break, Christensen will go on to interview Annette Kierulf and Tormod Haugland about their recently published book "Hus om natta", which is illustrated by Kierulf and contains a text by Haugland.

Wine will be served, and the book will be sold at a special price.


BOOK LAUNCH:  Ovartaci - The Signature of Madness


CONVERSATION: The author Brian Benjamin Hansen and the leader of senter of Women and Gender studies (SKOK) Kari Jegerstedt

at Kunsthall 3,14

Friday 25. November, 2022, kl. 17:00-18:00

Ovartaci (1894-1985) appears today as a spectacular and unique Danish outsider artist. Interest in Overtaci has recently been growing, culminating in a grand exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2022. Ovartaci was hospitalized for 56 years; Ovartaci transformed from industrial painter to artist and from man to woman and back to man. Ovartaci's life and work pose radical questions to our concepts of art, psychosis, identity, and gender. 

Wine will be served, and the book will be available for purchase.



at The National Theater of Bergen

Mandag 19. september, 2022, kl. 19:00-21:00

Artists, activists and free thinkers have formed a commission for the good solutions. Seven women  are fed up with fixed worldviews, and wants to create a new and freer discussion platform.and helping to create new world horizons. An abstract and challenging work that requires exercises and deeper reflection. Who is well enough trained in critical thinking to put things into a well-functioning system?

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prøverommet logo on green.png

PRØVEROMMET at Kunsthall 3,14

at Kunsthall 3,14

Monday May 9th, 2022, 19:00-21:00

This Prøverommet takes place during one evening at the non-profit International Contemporary Art institution Kunsthall 3,14, bringing together several new projects that involve sound, music, dance and photography by: Shelmith Øseth, Eivor Slågedal, Nising, Gisle Nataas and Siavash Kheirkhah.

  • Shelmith Øseth is a 21 year old freelance dancer, based in Bergen. The project Shelmith will present is inspired by a poem is about our inner child.

  • Eivor Slågedal will present ‘I blǿmingjinn’, a performance and musical ritual. The audience is invited to bring an object to the ritual (a flower, pinecone, leaf - anything you associate with spring).

  • Nising is somewhere between a solo act, a person and a band, playing dreamy and eclectic indie folk. He will play new music stripped down to the simplest components – voice, mouth harp and kalimba.

  • Gisle Nataas will perform ‘Fehn/2’ alongside Signe Schineller and Camilla Nneka Inalu, using recordings from a Sverre Fehn building and the journey to Bergen, mixed with sounds from Kunsthall 3.14. 

  • Siavash Kheirkhah is going explore the concepts of distance and presence of body through presenting his ongoing photo-installation project ('Paradise of Zahra'), which evolves around the death rite of Iran.

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Juliane_Zelwies_ Reading out loud, Tromsø Kunstforening, 2021 (photo Vsevolod Kovalevskij)


Friday May 6th, 2022, 17:00-18:00

at Kunsthall 3,14

'Reading out loud' is a public reading of Juliane Zelwies’ book Artistic Research. Zelwies' series of posters and video works in the exhibition will act as an entry point to look at the social world of artists and how artists perform, compete, and socialize. In the conversation, we hope to discuss the habitus of contemporary artists and the common understandings that both shape the artists, as well as the art they create.

The final presentation of Juliane Zelwies’ artistic research PhD project at the The Art Academy at the University of Bergen.

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Thursday March 17th, 2022, 17:00-20:00

at Kunsthall 3,14 and Litteraturhuset i Bergen

A public talk about means of resistance, solidarity and our struggle to solve problems. The event start in an art exhibition at Kunsthall 314 and end up at Litteraturhusetin Bergen. A rare and unique collaboration between a handful of people and organizations working for peace: Marcelo Brodsky, Argentina/Human Rights Art Initiative, Switzerland/Norwegian Human Rights Fund, Oslo/Rafto Foundation, Bergen/Kunsthall 3,14, Bergen

– “Arts vs the coup: Creative protests with a showcase from Myanmar” – A panel discussion with Maung Maung Myint (NUG Representative to Norway), Maria Brinch (artist), Jostein Kobbeltveit (Executive Director, the Rafto Foundation), and Chris Duckett (the Human Rights Art Initiative).


Moderated by Ingeborg Moa (Executive Director, Norwegian Human Rights Fund).

– “Methods of Driving Forces with Soft Power” – A conversation between Marcelo Brodsky (artist and human rights activist) and Frans Jacobi (Head of the Art Academy, University of Bergen) on the role of art in activism in political processes.




Velkommen til lanseringen av SPRANG


Torsdag 10. februar, 2022, 19.00 til 20.00

at Kunsthall 3,14

En samtale mellom Hilde Hauan og Maia Urstad, moderert av Anne Marthe Dyvi.


Publikasjonen SPRANG presenterer den fiberoptiske lydinstallasjonsserien «SPRANG» av Maia Urstad og Hilde Hauan.

Nærmest ved en tilfeldighet oppdaget Maia Urstad og Hilde Hauan en interessant kobling mellom to så tilsynelatende ulike verdener som Pytagoras’ lære og den eldgamle vevteknikken sprang. Dette ble en ledetråd for utviklingen av installasjonsserien SPRANG, et flerårig samarbeid med basis i lyd og fiberoptikk.

Sprang er et urgammelt håndarbeid som har vært kjent i Norden siden bronsealderen. Teknikken er en måte å lage stoff på ved å håndtere parallelle tråder som er spent opp vertikalt. Disse trådene krysses om hverandre på en bestemt måte, og et likt mønster framkommer oppe og nede som et resultat av at renningen er fast i begge ender.

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Boken selges også på nett via Tekstalmenningen:


Småtinget som kom Stortinget til unnsetning

Tirsdag 30. november, 2021, kl. 19.-21.
på Kunsthall 3,14


3,14LIVE inviterer til gratis visning av Thomas A. Østbye klimatriologi 'Enhver har rett til'. Østbye er en av de mest særpregede og originale stemmene i norsk kort- og dokumentarfilm i dag. Etter filmen blir det en samtale, hvor Sveinung Arnesen og Benedicte Brun innleder.

3,14LIVE er arrangementet til Marianne Morild sin utstilling "Septentrionalis".

I filmen 'Enhver har rett til' blir vi tatt med inn i århundrets rettssak, da norske miljøorganisasjoner anklager den norske stat for brudd på miljøparagrafen 112. På kort tid evner filmen å framstille en kompleksitet i denne saken med en observerende form og argumentasjon fra begge sider. Filmen får oss til å reflektere over miljøsakens plass i politikken.

Hva betyr et rettsvern for nature, miljø og klima?

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Friday November 26th, 2021 19:00-20:00

at Kunsthall 3,14

Book launch of Kwestan Jamal Bawan´s new book "Tegninger / Drawings 1980 – 2021", with text contributions by Lars Elton, Carlos Capelán, and Bjørn Inge Follevaag.

Lars Elton will have a conversation with the artist during the book launch.

The encounter with a larger art public opens the story to yet another reality: Kwestan Jamal Bawan’s art becomes a representation of something larger than the individual artist’s expression and development. In her story we can read several parallel stories, upsetting disparities, basic cultural differences and political conflicts. But Kwestan’s story is also a tale of how conflicts, differences and adversity can be overcome through personal courage, endurance, an ability to develop and adapt, plus a will and ability to seek reconciliation.

Kwestan Jamal Bawan’s art is fascinating because it has so many facets. She is not afraid to show where her roots lie. By exhibiting the drawings made in her youth, she points out a platform and a background of experience that – regardless of what happens – will remain with her as a fundamental part of her identity.

(excerpt from Lars Elton´s text Idyll and protest)

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The Unbuilding+.jpg


Fredag 12. november, 2021, 18.15 - 18.45

på Kunsthall 3,14

På åpningen av Marianne Morild utstillingen Septentrionalis  med helt nye arbeider  fredag 12. november kl. 18.00, på Kunsthall 3,14 arrangerer vi en samtale mellom Marianne Morild og Anne Marthe Dyvi.

Marianne Morild er utdannet i London fra Central Saint Martin´s College (MA Fine Art) og Chelsea College of Art (BA Hon. Fine Art Painting). I november 2021- april 2022 viser hun et utvalg malerier ved Centre Pompidou Metz, Frankrike, i utstillingen «Toi et Moi On Ne Vit Pas Dans La Mëme Planète» som er kuratert av Martin Guinard og filosofen Bruno Latour. Utstillingen ved Centre Pompidou Metz er en videreføring av Taipei Biennale 2020, hvor Morild var invitert av kuratorene til å delta med en utstilling. Biennalen handlet om demokrati og økologi og ble vist ved Taipei Fine Arts Museum fra november 2020 til mars 2021. Morild har også hatt en rekke utstillinger i Storbritannia og Norge.

Anne Marthe Dyvi (f.1979) er utdannet ved Kunstakademiet i Bergen, 2010. Hun arbeider interdisiplinært, stedsspesifikt og prosessorientert. Med en spesiell interesse for teknologi og tid, og eksistensen, overlevelsen eller adferden til mennesket og naturen.

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Friday November 5th, 2021, 19:00

at Kunsthall 3,14



with: Susanne Irene Fjørtoft | Pavlina Lucas | Sandra Johnstonis | Sinead O'Donnell

Performance Art Bergen is 10 years old and the performance organization Bbeyond, Belfast is 20 years old in 2021.On the occasion of this double anniversary, we will collaborate on organizing two performances in Bergen and two performances in Belfast.

The performances are split into two categories:

- Nature Made: Untreated material / objects from nature.
- Human Made: Objects/materials that are made by the artist or others.


The performance artists from Bbeyond, Belfast, will work from the same starting points simultaneously in time and with the same materials.


The performances will begin the sessions synchronously in Bergen and in Belfast. The performances in Belfast will be streamed and projected life size alongside the Bergen performance and vice versa.

The performance artist in Bergen will be able to see the performance artist in Belfast. Thereby opening potentials for interaction between the performances from both cities. The performance context will have the exact same chair and table in both locations, in Bergen and Belfast.


The event in Bergen is curated by Kurt Johannessen and Karen Kipphoff

Free entrance

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"Grønne Tegninger: å snakke seg til døde"

Søndag 31. oktober 2021, kl. 14.00

på Kunsthall 3,14

Søndag 31.oktober fra kl. 14 inviterer Kunsthall 3,14 to ulike målgrupper til et performativt foredrag med kunstnerduoen Nina Slejko Blom og Conny Blom.

Arrangementet henvender seg til to forskjellige publikumsgrupper:

1.  Foreldre med barn
2.  Andre som har tid, lyst og pågangsmot

Barna som kommer, vil få muligheten til å tegne på kunstverkene til Nina og Conny Blom. Alle vil kunne ta med et signert kunstverk hjem.
Arrangementet inngår i en samtale om klima, miljø og natur utfordringene verden står ovenfor.
Foreldre opplever ofte situasjonen spesielt utfordrende. Hvilken verden kommer våre barn til å vokse opp i? Når og hvordan skal vi snakke om situasjonen med barna våre? Parallelt med tegne-verkstedet vil kunstnerne holde et performativt foredrag i rommet. Lydbilde blir et positivt forstyrrende element. Nå er det tid for å lytte til barnas rettigheter. Måtte barna være høylytte. La dem legge spor i våre ører, bevissthet og i vår kunst, sier kunstnerne selv. Det er deres fremtid vi snakker om, bråk er helt på sin plass!

(Det finnes dessverre ingen heis, men et er mulighet for å sette vogner i gangen nede.)

Arrangementet er gratis

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røyst (1 of 1)-48.jpg


Fredag 10. september 2021


vokal improvisasjons performance av Bodil Rørtveit

2 performancer: kl. 19.00 & 20.00


Artist, scenekunstnar og komponist Bodil Rørtveit har dei siste åra gjort seg bemerka som ein uttrykksfull, særegen vokalkunstnar med stor stemme. Ho krysser gjerne sjangergrenser frå folkemusikk via klassisk til jazz og improvisasjonsmusikk. Ho ønskar å inspirere og skape tilhørighet og har ei leikande haldning til musikken. Forholdet til naturen står sterkt i prosjekta hennar, og i denne performancen har ho på seg den unike konglekjolen laga til forestillinga RØYST. Ho vil improvisere vokalt med inspirasjon frå utstillinga Irresistible Earth av Rina Banerjee på 3,14 og bruke konglene som lydelementer. Kjolen er designet av Silje Sandodden Kise og sammen med kostymesyer Julie S. Jensen har hun lagt ned over 150 arbeidstimer i denne kreasjonen.

Ho samarbeidar ofte med scenekunstnarar i prosjekta sine, blant anna i plastkonsertforestillinga Sustain (framført på Festspillene i Bergen, og med Bergen Filharmoniske Orkester). Våren 2021 hadde ho premiere på Det Vestnorske Teateret med soloforestillinga "RØYST -eller Bodil sluttar med innestemme". Rørtveit har under pandemien skapt konseptet "Hengekøyekonsert", der publikum lytta til musikken og fuglesang i hengekøyer i skogen. Denne konserten blei vist igjen under Festspillene i Bergen 2021, til gode kritikkar.

Bilder fra performance >>>


Du må ikke sove

19.08.2021, 19:00 -21:00


med Frode Berg, Niels Fastrup og Dag Steinfeld

'Du må ikke sove' er sideprogrammet til Indrė Šerpytytė utstilling ‘Bygg som tidligere tilhørte NKVD – MVD – MGB og KGB’ som handler om institusjonaliserte overvåkning og sier noen om tidligere systemer, ideologier, regjeringer, kulturer og teknologier og hvordan de endrer seg over tid.

'Du må ikke sove' referanse til Arnulf Øverlands dikt som en av våre gjester Dag Steinfeld leste under åpningen av Gestapo museet i Bergen tidligere i sommer.

Ti år har Indrė brukt på denne installasjonen - et kunstnerisk etterretningsarbeid som muligens kan sees på som en form for botsøvelse. Hennes far jobbet for den sovjetiske etterretningen så detter er personlig for henne. Tematikken er også svært personlig for side-programmets helt spesielle gjester: Frode Berg, Dag Steinfeld og Niels Fastrup. I likhet med installasjonen som fyller vårt lokale skal det denne torsdagen gis oppmerksomhet til hvordan verdifull informasjon samles om enkeltindivider for å innføre statlig kontroll og begrensninger av individets frihet.

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Linn Cecilie Ulvin - Metanoia natt - pre


Linn Cecilie Ulvin

10. juni kl. 18:30

Regnbuedagene: Performance på BENKENE TIL KIM og Kunsthall 3,14

I anledning Lina Viste Grønli sin skulptur tilegnet Kim Friele på Vågsallmenningen blir det arrangert performancer på plassen under Regnbuedagene 5., 10. og 12. juni.

Sted: Benkene til Kim, Vågsallmenningen (via Pride House), samt på fasaden til Kunsthall 3,14 på Vågsallmenningen 12, mellom 10. - 25. juni

   'Når natta kommer etter metanoia handler det kanskje mer om drøm enn om rituale,

   om forelskede som møtes i hemmelighet, på tvers av klasse, etnisitet og kjønn,

   om det  som gjør de elskende uforutsigbare, - å ikke lenger være bundet til noen 

   kontrakt, åpne for endring.'

Linn Cecilie Ulvin presenterer en performance, der Ulvin fremfører en tale basert på et nyskrevet tekstverk. Store bannere som inneholder utdrag av teksten som fremføres, vil ramme inn plassen. En gruppe deltagere vil bære bannerne, og delta i fremførelsen. Metanoia, fra gresk, betyr opprinnelig endring, å forandre tanke eller mening.

Performancen vil, etter at Ulvin og aktørene har forlatt plassen, fortsette å være en del av det offentlige rommet i Bergen på fasaden til Kunsthall 3,14 frem til den 25. juni.

Performancen er kuratert av Maya Økland og produsert av Gunnbjørg Johannessen/Syv Mil AS.

Støttet av KORO, Kulturrådet og Fritt Ord.


Foto: Bjørgli/Ulvin

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Klimafestivalen § 112 Bergen

POP-UP exhibition


12. & 13.06.2021, 12:00 -16:00


Kunsthall 3,14 has entered into a collaboration with a group of students at the Art Academy in Bergen to create a two-day Pop-up exhibition in dialogue with the seventh edition of Klimafestivalen§112.

We greatly appreciate collaboration, content, and playful mobilisation to encourage increased community involvement. Together, we like to inspire social and lifestyle changes to build a sustainable society. Together we celebrate the positive side of the politics of change. We know that science is analysing our environmental crisis, but it is through the cultural field and the work of artists that these challenges can be materialised in compassionate, radical, humorous and urgent ways. We maintain, chances are high that it is in human culture that the questions and answers lie.

3,14 has invited the artists of the future to participate in responding to this most pressing of issues.


Benedikte Bergevik, Livi Meltaus, Jonas Erboe Rasmussen, Line Rolf, Lovisa Ljungberg Carlström, Lukas Moland, Maisen Pedersen, Simon Sebastian Galsgaard Laumann, Sofie Gustafsson Markinhuhta, Christine Bouché and Mia Carl.

Something meaningful will happen physically in an art space near you.


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06.05.2021, 19:00 -21:00


The seminar is an opportunity to gather and reflect upon the three concepts in the title. For the word LIVING 3,14 has invited Davone Sirmans to talk about the idea of Living by viewing the exhibition at hand. For the word FORGIVING, we have asked the associate professor in clinical psychology Elisabeth Schanche. And the last word REMEMBERING is given to Nader Turkmani, who will share his relationship with the word looking back at Syria and his Lgbtiq+ background.

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02.05.2021, 14:00


The group exhibition Living Forgiving Remembering has received great reviews largely due to the diverse and intriguing artworks that point to a place beyond pain and stagnation within a civilization.
To meet the growing interest of the visiting public, Kunsthall 3,14 has created an audio guide to assist in mediating this important exhibition. 

The upcoming guided tour 'Picture Me, This' delivered by Davone Sirmans, on Sunday, 02MAY2021 at 1400 will stimulate museumgoers on the multifaceted correlations & juxtapositions associated to the how's, why's & projections of the way we develop ourselves going forward. 

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Visning av dokumentarfilm ‘Bjørneboe- Det Ondes Problem’

Tordag 4. mars, 19.00-21.00

Kunsthall 3,14 har gleden av å invitere til visning av dokumentarfilmen ‘Bjørneboe- Det Ondes Problem’ av regissør Terje Drageseth.

Jens Bjørneboe talte for de svake i samfunnet- de undertrykte og usynlige. Bjørneboe viet også sitt liv til å påpeke maktens misbruk av makt og mangler. Jens Bjørneboe & det ondes problem er en svært relevant film å vise i en tid der politikk, komplekse og uforutsigbare verdensbilder preger livene våre. En film som egner seg svært godt for videre samtale. Hvordan møter oss selv, hvordan står til ansvar og se det som har formet seg for å rettferdiggjøre våre liv.

Tre av våre store forfattere og to av våre fremste filosofer møttes i august 2020 for å snakke om og å diskutere roman-triologien ‘Bestialitetens historie’. Samtalen ble til dokumentarfilmen 'Jens Bjørneboe og Det Ondes Problem'- Resultatet ble til et verdig portrettbilde av Bjørneboe.

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Ruškkodit  and Absent Presence

06.11.2020 - 21.02.2021

An exceptional film was made during the exhibition period to mediate the artworks of Britta Marakatt-Labb, Hilde Hauan Johnsen, Kiyoshi Yamamoto, and Marie Skeie. The purpose of the film was to capture the concept, content, and site-specific mood of the exhibition. It was making the audience able to receive a more complete experience of the show if they did not have the chance to see it due to the Covid-19 situation or only by not being in Bergen.   To achieve this, the musician Georg Buljo was invited to compose a joik for this exact exhibition. The subtitles in the film is part of the curatorial text written by Malin Barth. Filmed by the cinematographer Ben Speck and edited by Wessam Hachicho.  Produced by Motaz Habbash. Sponsored by Norwegian Associaton for Art and Craft and Kunsthall 3,14.


Absent Presence

06.11.2020 - 21.02.2021
Digital program

Paralell to the exhibition Ruškkodit follows the extended sideprogram Absent Present. Curated by Motaz al Habbash.

Absent Presence is taking place digitally and uses the opportunity to bring voices from Palestine to the art community in Bergen. We are happy to make it possible for us to get to know works and practices that even without the Covid-19 would be very difficult to get out of Palestine due to the Israeli occupation.

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06.11.2020 - 21.02.2021

Professor Øyvind M. Andersen talking about color from a cemist point of view and in relation to the textile work by Hilde Hauan Johnsen (NO).

Location: Kunsthall 3,14

'Hvordan bli bedre på å kuratere verden?'

20. oktober 2020, 19.00-20.30
på Kunsthall 3,14

Med Stina Ihle Amankwah og Frode Helmich Pedersen

Kunsthall 3,14 inviterer til et fysisk møte for at vi sammen kan tenke på 'Hvordan bli bedre på å kuratere verden?' Vi håper dere finner programmet interessant og at tirsdag den 20. oktober er godt tidspunkt for mange.

Utgangspunktet for samlingen er å se hva en manglende forståelse av narrativets operative kraft og innflytelse gjør med oss; på våre sosiale, profesjonelle og organisatoriske plattformer?

3,14 arrangerer dette i forbindelse med utstilling 'Anti-Terror Tour' av Peter Voss-Knude. En utstilling som omhandler det danske forsvaret narratologi- hvor sikkerhetstiltakene skaper sikkerhetsproblemer.

Link til utstillingen:

mer info >>>

Location: Kunsthall 3,14
Location: Kunsthall 3,14



24-25 Oktober




The Dance will premiere during Oktoberdans 2020, with a limited audience of 20 people per performance. This multidisciplinary, collaborative performance will be an intimate manifestation of the topics discussed in the streamed episodes of The House [Digital], and mirrors the discussions of The Festival. The audience will join nine transgender protagonists on a journey of erasing the boundaries between trans/not trans, performers/audience and stage/home, and experience the performance in first person. Playing with ideas of reality and fiction, consequences of choices, and what bodies are represented on stage, the performance proposes another way of producing beauty and generating desire. The Dance wishes to include, involve and acknowledge the society as a whole, and create a space where we have the courage to enter into the darkness and colour each other’s’ grey areas. In times of physical distancing, we aim for other forms of intimacy.


Protagonists: Christer André Gudmundsdottir, Koyote Millar, Isak Bradley, Bart Bloem Herraiz, Tonje Havstad, Joakim Eide, Barry de Bruin, Daniel Mariblanca


The Dance will premiere 24–25 October 2020 during the festival Oktoberdans in Bergen.



Streaming 04.08. - 15.08.2020



18-19 September 2020

'In First Person' by the company 71BODIES is a choreographic and multidisciplinary project initiated by Daniel Mariblanca in collaboration with the filmmaker Ursula Kaufmann, inspired and performed by transgender people from Norway and abroad. Through exploring and connecting different art forms with research and the academic perspective, the project gives space and visibility to personal transgender experiences with the aim to elaborate and deepen discussions about gender identity, collective transgender history, and social norms.

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March 7th  /  06.-27.06.2020




Alt Går Bra will present the first installment of its Acanthus Project at Kunsthall 3,14

during the 950th anniversary of Bergen.


The project researches one of the most ubiquitous architectural ornaments, the acanthus leaf. Best known for its characteristic rendering in Corinthian capitals, the acanthus unfurled from Ancient Greece to the rest of the world. Several local traditions embraced the ornament, giving it vernacular renditions such as the Norwegian rosemaling.

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Location: Kunsthall 3,14 and public space
Location: Kunsthall 3,14 and public space

22.06.2020, 09.30-16.00




21st Century Economy - Never let a crisis go to waste by MARIE STORLI from Rethinking Economics



By: Jannecke Heien and Gitte Sætre

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Location: Kunsthall 3,14
9.girl with horse.jpg


30.01.2020, 19:00-21:00

In connection with the exhibition 'Concepts of O' by Kjersti Sundland an artist talk will be held. During this talk, Kjersti Sundland will discuss her research and process with Jungian psychotherapist Paal Rasmussen and artist Eamon O`Kane. He has been Sundland´s supervisor on her Ph.D. project.

Paal Rasmussen has done multidisciplinary work at the intersection of cybernetics, contextual logic and mathematics. He has a keen interest in parapsychology and tacit knowledge and has lectured on Reichs orgone experiments for the Norwegian Parapsychological Society. He has also participated in several research projects in organisational learning and tacit knowledge at the Work Research Institute (Oslo).

Eamon O´Kane is Professor of Visual Art: Painting and Drawing at The Art Academy, Department of Contemporary Art, University of Bergen, The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD). Eamon O'Kane has exhibited widely and is the recipient of many awards and scholarships with his wide range of impressive work.

Location: Kunsthall 3,14


16.10 - 15.12.2019



As part of osloBIENNALEN FIRST EDITION 2019-24, 'Migrant Car' by Ed D´Souza

can be experienced by central venues in Bergen.

The project in Bergen is a collaboration with Kunsthall 3,14 and as a host institution, we again have joined forces with different institutions and artists locally in Bergen.

The 'Migrant Car', is a sculpture in which a three-dimensional photograph of a crashed car reproduced in full size is wrapped around a wooden framework.

The ‘car’ has rolled about to different places in Oslo and is to be seen in Bergen in October and November before it goes on a boat to Trondheim and up to Kirkenes and across the border to Russia.

more info >>>

Location: Public space



3,14LIVE Performances

10. - 24. nov. 2019

I forbindelse med prosjektet 'Migrant Car' av Ed D´Souza, laget for osloBIENNALEN FIRST EDITION 2019-2024, og hvor Kunsthall 3,14 er både vertskap og programmerer i Bergen, har vi invitert kunstnere i Bergen til å gå i dialog med ‘Migrantbilen’.


Søndag 10. november, kl. 14.00-15.00, Vågsallmenningen


Onsdag 13. november, kl 14.00-15.00, Vågsallmenningen

> The Crooked Stick Poet

Søndag 24.november, kl 14.00-15.00, fra Vågsallmenningen til HF-bygget

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Location: Public space


14.11.2019 at 19:00


Kunsthall 3,14 believes it is important to see the newly released documentary XY CHELSEA (2019, 94min.) and have therefor managed to get the rights to show it in Bergen the 14th of November for the first time.

Welcome to our gallery at Vågsallmenningen 12, 2nd floor (unfortunately no elevator), screening is for free and the only thing we ask is for you to see it, and if you like to​
support Chelsea Manning follow the link: Chelsea Manning Resists


XY CHELSEA was made with the BFI´s Film Fund.

Copyright © 2018 XY Chelsea Limited, First Look Productions, Inc, The British Film Institute.

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Location:Kunsthall 3.14
Location:Kunsthall 3,14
Location Kunsthall 3,14


07.09.2019 - 19.00 to 21.00, Kunsthall 3,14

08.09.2019 - 19.00 to 21.00, Bergen Assembly/Parliament of Bodies

09.09.2019 - 19.00 to 21.00, Kunsthall 3,14

By Daniel Mariblanca in collaboration with the filmmaker Ursula Kaufmann

The Festival part of the 'In First Person' project is hosted by Kunsthall 3.14 and KRAFT in collaboration with the University of Bergen. The 2019 version will be a warm-up for a larger festival in 2020 where the goal will be to generate a feeling of community through the exchange of academic knowledge, artistic experiences and testimonies in first person surrounding transgender topics. Together we will create collective and political spaces by offering varying activities such as conferences, workshops, pre-after, and open talks, performances, exhibitions, debates, etc. all related to transgender topics.


more info >>>

Location: Kunsthall 3.14 & Bergen Assembly




at Media City Bergen.

#WeAreMillions, a classical activistic photo exhibition and a campaign to demonstrate global support for WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange. The project was initially launched online, and in the summer of 2019, it was installed for the first time at  Media City Bergen. After two weeks it was put down, but after massive support, it was installed again.

People wanted to stand up for the freedom of the press and the Spontaneous Art Group SAKén organized a public debate under the title 'Global Threats for Press Freedom'.


#WeAreMillions will be presented on all continents, in cities and festivals around the world. If you would like to arrange one in your city please contact us!


more info >>>

Location MediaCity Bergen


27.06.2019. From 7 pm to 9 pm.

With David Hartsough, executive director of Peaceworkers, based in San Francisco, and co-founder of the Nonviolent Peaceforce. He is a Quaker and member of the San Francisco Friends Meeting.

International Women's League for Peace and Freedom and the newly established AntiWar-Initiative in Bergen are the organizers of these Workshops. And this is an opportunity for us to become inspired and guided, by one of the most active peace-activists of our time:  David Hartsough from the impressive organization World-Beyond-War.


more info >>>

Location Kunsthall 314
Location: Kunsthall 3.14, KRAFT & Bergen Assembly
Location Kunsthall 314
Location:Bergen and Copenhagen


01.06 - 08.09.2019

Andre Smoge is a local young man who has made his first carton about sustainability and we thought it perfect to include at this point in time!

The cartoon 'Andy Rocket and the Flying Fish' was designed and written by the Bergen-based Andre Smoge. The main character in the first episode is a 'Fjord Comboy'. He ends up owning a large and beautiful greenhouse that comes floating in the sea and at first, glance looks like a fish. At one point Andy Rocket ends up by the pier in Bergen. At this point he has fallen in love with the greenhouse, he has moved in and lives a self-sufficient happy life. Andy Rocket's life undergoes a great deal throughout the cartoon and we as readers learn a lot through what the protagonist himself is doing. Like, Nikola Tesla and Tibetan Levitation Inventions and how we can build a water purification system ourselves when we can't trust the system.

The comic Andy Rocket and the Flying Fish, episode I is 45 pages long and was produced over 50 days, and was completed the day before its launch at Kunsthall 3.14 in conjunction with the opening of the main exhibiton EVENT HORIZON.

A smoky fresh ink talking about exactly what we are all pondering hard these days. What happens now?

more info >>>


06.06.2019. Bergen


29.08.2019. Copenhagen

Bergen/Copenhagen Papers is a new print-only journal on art & politics.

A new initiative and dialogue between cities; published by Really Simple Syndication Press, Copenhagen, and organized in collaboration between: 

Lydgalleriet, Bergen; 3.14 Kunsthall, Bergen; Kunstakademiet - Institutt for Samtidskunst / KMD / UiB, Bergen; and SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen.

Bergen/Copenhagen Papers is a low-tech artistic research magazine, made fast and directly without a long and expensive process of design and printing. The magazine will be published in a small print runs, measured to the circumstances. It will arrive at irregular intervals, whenever a relevant need to publish arises.

The first issue contains an essay by Gitte Sætre and images by Kent Klich.

The second issue contains an essay byTore Hallas and images by Lars Korff Lofthus


more info >>>


02.06.2019, 14:00-15.00

"En samtale mellom kunstneren Morten Traavik og journalisten Per Christian Magnus"

Fra 15.15 til 17.00, Bergenspremiere av filmen 'War of Art'

Hvis det som skjer rundt om i verden speiles i styrken av mediedekning og i den kritiske kunsten, hva forteller det oss så?

Kunsthall 3.14 har utfordret Traavik og Magnus på å si noe om hvordan de leser tidens politiske landskap og ikke minst hvilke ulike metoder de jobber ut ifra når de inntar det offentlige rom som samfunnsdebutanter.


more info >>>

Location:Kunsthall 3.14
performance with audiance.jpg




Performance by Valeria Montti and talk by Bjarte Hannisdal .


09.03.2019, 13:00-14.00

VALERIA MONTTI COLQUE is performing CloudForest in Bergen for the first time.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this spectacular performance live.


In order to prepare your brain for this experience, we have invited researcher Bjarte Hannisdal from Centre for Geobiology, Department of Earth Science.

In the performance, 'CloudForest' you will meet The Dark Wild Cloud played by the artist her self and The Night will be played by the singer Silje Mørch and The Owl will be represented by Diltumar Ehet on violin, both from the Grieg Academy. In the performance, two mountains will appear. Played by the dancer David Alræk and the art student Matias Grøttum. The Flower is represented by the dancer Yohei Hamada and the flower is played by the artist Tanya Varbanova.

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Location:Kunsthall 3.14

PRØVEROMMET at Kunsthall 3.14

25.02.2019, 20:00 - 23:00


Prøverommet is excited to be at Kunsthall 3.14 in Eve Ariza´s installation Murmuri. In this context we invite you to a yoga session held by Ida Selin Lillebostad. Ida is a trainee at Yogarommet where she explores and looks for connections, both in the language and in the body. The idea is to find the atmosphere in the room and use it as a way to expand how we experience artworks.

The evening ends with a reading by poet Tora Sanden Døskeland, who’ll share an excerpt from her critically acclaimed book; Behold meg (Keep me) (2018). The book portrays our longing to stay with someone, and our failure to do so. Tora is interested in how language operates in our personal relationships with each other. Behold meg is her first book.

Yoga 20:30 (1h.)
The exhibition is open throughout the event
Price: 40,-


Location:Kunsthall 3.14
Location:Kunsthall 3.14
Location:Kunsthall 3.14


"Let Your Mind Be Your Bed"


24.01.2019, 19:00


Welcome to the exclusive screening of Bjarne Melgaard's new film Let Your Mind Be Your Bed.


The film Let Your Mind Be Your Bed takes the form of an experimental puppet show where we meet four protagonists’ dolls in conversation. Their interaction is constructed around the late New York-based author Kathy Acher and Bjarne Melgaard's parents and sister.

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Location Kunsthall 314

Konsept X


24.11.2018, 19:00-22.00


Parallel to Brandon Labelle´s exhibition The Imaginary Republic, Kunsthall 3.14 invited the Bergen based all female Dj Collective 'Konsept X' and the feminist Journal Fett to host a gathering for the grass root scene of the city of Bergen. X- Talk – from an idea to a final project". An open event where people could exchange contacts and experiences.


People with experiences from the cultural scene in Bergen gathered, people known to be representing values of an imaginary republic. The crowd presented, listened, talked, eat and had a drink.

Location:Kunsthall 3.14
Location: Den Nasjonale Scene i Bergen

Krigsteater Trident Juncture


22.11.2018, 12:30-14.00

at Den Nationale Scene

At the moment Norway is the host for the largest NATO exercise since the Cold War at a time where Europe marks 100 years since the end of World War I. 


Kunsthall 3.14 together with a group of artists from Bergen invites people to gather on the stage of The National Theater to discuss what the massive exercise means in a larger social perspective and how we all are implicated. Participants from different professional fields will share their views. The public is also very welcome to participate in the conversation.


Artists have at various times rebelled against established norms, portrayed dramatic collective experiences and created ideas of another world. We hope this event could help us to understand more of the game and the consequences it can have.

more info in Norwegian >>>

The Anarchist Ashram − Inauguration

08.11.2018, 20:00


Join us for the opening of The Anarchist Ashram: Education as an ecosystem for art. Art as an environment for education. As part of the Imaginary Republic exhibition held at Kunsthall 3.14, participating artist and activist Joulia Strauss will offer The Anarchist Ashram as a one-week workshop dedicated to practicing forbidden, discredited and peripheral forms of knowledge.

For the launch of the Ashram we will give short introductions to the processes and activist practices we have been part of prior to the unfolding of the Anarchist Ashram into the Imaginary Republic. These introductions will be held not only in human language but also as soundscapes that will shapeshift into an inaugural ritual, opening the floor to participants to contribute performances and actions.

(detailed lineup will be announced here

We will also reveal details about the upcoming week and prepare the participants for our special guests: Nitya (Tibetan Pulsing), and Maja Chiara Faber (Modern Astrology).


more info >>>

Location: Kunsthall 3.14
samlebilde 2.jpg


22.&23.09.2018.  Drop-in 12.00 - 15.00


Sitat fra Store Norske leksikon:
Persona, karakter, rollefigur, menneskelig vesen, enkeltmenneske, karakterpersonlighet; jfr. person.
Etymologi; latin; skuespillermaske


Ditt mangetydige jeg

Har du lyst til å lage et personlig emoji portrett til å henge på brystet ditt?

Bli med på collage verksted med Kunstpilotene og smykk du deg med et selvkomponert id-portrett rundt halsen.

Helgen 22. og 23. september rigger vi oss til med et utendørs dropp inn verksted tett på Kunsthall 3.14 på Vågsalmenningen. Der kan du skape emojien din og ta en DNA-prøve med bivoks fra huden i håndflaten din.


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Location: Kunsthall 3.14


20.09.2018. 19.00- 21.00


Face recognition and identity


Research blogger Jill Walker Rettberg, and Carte Blanche dancer Daniel Mariblanca​


In order to strengthen our understanding of what and where a development in biotechnology and genetic engineering leads us as an individual and as a society, we invite you into a conversation of social, philosophical and environmental issues. An evening that will trigger us to think about how we use technology and what it means to us as culture and individual?
Kunsthall 3.14 has a tradition of inviting leading people from various disciplines to converse around the topics of our exhibitions. This time we have invited Norway's first research blogger Jill Walker Rettberg, a researcher on digital media to talk about face recognition and identity. Furthermore, we have invited Carte Blanche dancer Daniel Mariblanca, a transgender with a fluent gender identity to perform an extract from his new work "71 Bodies 1 Dance". Together we shall take part in the dialogue of the projects Probably Chelsea, A Becoming Resemblance and 2.6g 329m/s - Bulletproof Skin.

more info >>>

Location: Kunsthall 3.14

14.09.2018. 18.00- 23.00


Especially for the Culture Night Kunsthall 3.14 will screen the music video 'Dreams' by the duo Zhu and Nero. 'Dreams' puts the senses in motion and will pose a risk of entering your dreams when you go to sleep this night.

We invite you into a landscape of social, philosophical and environmental issues which can strengthen our understanding of what and where a development in biotechnology and genetic engineering leads us as an individual and society.


3 x BioArt asks the question; How will our technological future look like and what are the possibilities and ethical limitations of genetic engineering?

Giving the audience a contemporary introduction to BioArt; a genre that triggers our imagination more than anything else and can fille everybody with overwhelming curiosity. 

The music video was the winner of the Best VFX in the Berlin Music Video Award

Location: Kunsthall 3.14

13.09 .2018. 19.00-21.00 


We wish to bring artists and audience together to share a meal and converse.

In Thai and Norwegian culture, making food and eating together is an important focal point. Food tends to create a natural forum for social interaction, sharing of thoughts and skills.


The artists will introduce themselves, share thoughts and reflections about their experiences during their journeys, using the opportunity to reflect upon ‘Its Personal part I & II’ which took place in Thailand (2016) and in Norway (2017).

more info >>>

Location:Kunsthall 3.14

09.09 .2018. 13.00-16.00 and 17.00-19.00


The performance art project It’s Personal has joined artists from Thailand and Norway. The eight artists bring their individual interest and issues to the audience at Vågsallmenningen outside Kunsthall 3.14.

‘It´s Personal’ brings artists together to investigate our individual identities. The group behind the project would very much like their personal issues and interests to connect with you as an audience. Come and join, It´s Personal!

Participating artists: Pavana Reid, Pattree Chimnok, Terese Longva, Nopawan Sirivejkul, Rita Marhaug, Jittima Pholsawek, Sareena Sattapon and Marit Tunestveit Dyre.

more info >>>

Location: Vågsallmenningen 12 (outside Kunsthall 3.14)

EARTH Sharing Dialog
23.06 .2018. 13.00-15.00


@ EARTH lab Bergen by Vibeke Jensen and Dino Karabeg, with participating protagonists David Price, Kjartan Rumpsfeld and Benjamin Silverman.

Discover the message of EARTH sharing and participate in constructing a transformative situation! The EARTH sharing dialog at Kunsthall 3.14 is activated by the interplay between the public and invited participants and a series of interventions.


The interventions start in the public space in front of the building and on the façade and continue up through the central staircase into the former bank lobby and vault. The invited participants will engage the visitors in dialog supported and sometimes prompted by these spatial interventions.

more info >>>

Location: Kunsthall 3.14

07.06 .2018. 19.00-21.00

Curated by Performance Art Bergen/Gitte Sætre 

The framework for the performance event in Daniel Wurtzel exhibition 'Shitstorm' talks about the human impact on the environment. Environmental challenges are difficult to relate to, but art can make it easier for us to mobilize and act. And the
 installation in the gallery space at Kunsthall 3.14 gives a human scale to something big and abstract.

Artists often create worlds of fiction in order for us to get to know, what we do not yet know. 


Being a performance artist in Norway is perhaps one of the freest positions one can imagine. Kunsthall 3.14 together with Performance Art Bergen challenged the local performance scene through an Open Call with the question: what do they want to communicate? 

more info >>>

Location: Kunsthall 3.14

11.04.2018. 19.00-21.00

Presentation by Katalin Szekely
Moderated by Brandon LaBelle
Seminar #3

In collaboration with Kunsthall 3.14, a series of rough seminars will run over the next year, resulting in an exhibition to open in October 2018. The Imaginary Republic looks at questions of public life and civic culture in today’s global environment, and how ongoing economic, social, and political unrest have led to an intensification of grass-roots initiatives, artistic activism, and forms of public commoning – what Stavros Stavrides terms “communities in movement”.


more info >>>

Location: Kunsthall 3.14


03.04.2018. 19:00 - 21.00 


A meeting place for anyone who feels the need to gather up and look into the consequences of populist rhetoric and proposals for new legislation.


Lead by:

Simone Guttschau from the Department of Archeology, History, Culture, and Religion

John Magnus Dahl from the Department of Information and Media Studies at UiB. 

more info >>>

Location: Kunsthall 3.14
Location: Kunsthall 3.14


02.02. 2018. 17:00 

'Impacts on the Iran art scene today': 

The panel will be attended by the curator team Shahram Entekhabi and Asieh Salimian (from Factory TT Berlin / Tehran); Lise Rakner, Professor Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen, senior researcher at Chr. Michelsen Institute and Chair of The Rafto Prize Committee. As a political scientist she is focusing on the issues of democratization and human rights; Toril Hansen from PEN Vestlandet; Malin Barth, Director of Kunsthall 3.14.
The conversation starts with a brief presentation of PEN, by members of PEN Vestlandet.

more info >>>

Location: Kunsthall 3.14


01.02 - 1.04 2018




In Norway, we declare #MeToo to be wide and deeply structured.

#MeToo has hit the public debate so hard that people in power are losing their positions in high numbers. It seems like something is happening and it seems to us that it´s NO mayfly. However, we live in Scandinavia a region said to be the most progressive democratic society where women are more equal to men than in other places around the world. Kunsthall 3.14 wrote former exhibitors around the world and asked how the #MeToo campaign is received in their countries.


We formulated three questions and send an e-mail to 15 artists covering all corners of the world and with their permission we post the comments.

more info >>>

Location: Kunsthall 3.14


23.02 - 24.02 2018



Over two days, the artist group ALT GÅR BRA facilitate a talk touching upon Visions, Future of Norwegian society, Local Democracy.

On stage Friday you will meet the writer Kajsa Ekis Ekman, the philosopher Diego Fusaro, the director of Bergen Opera Mary Miller,


On stage Saturday you will meet the editor of NYTID Truls Lie, the rightwing politician Silje Hjemdal (Fremskrittspartiet), the leftwing politicians Sofie Marhaug (Rødt) and Bård Larsen from the liberal think tank Civita.


more info >>>



Location: Kunsthall 3.14


13.01. 2018


'About Chocolate / Om Sjokoladekake'




'Liquid Body, Solid Mind'

more info >>>

Location: Kunsthall 3.14




Brandon LaBelle is in collaboration with Kunsthall 3.14 doing a series of rough seminars, resulting in an exhibition to open October 2018. The Imaginary Republic looks at questions of public life and civic culture in today’s global environment, and how recent economic, social, and political unrest have led to an intensification of grass-roots initiatives, artistic activism, and forms of public commoning – what Stavros Stavrides terms “communities in movement”. The project aims to consider strategies for creative instituting and independent social configurations. Within this framework, questions about the public good and commonwealth are brought forward, allowing for a deeper inquiry into how art may work to reconstitute public power.


Seminar #2 is led by Ekaterina Sharova (art historian, curator, producer, educator) who will present her current research devoted to folk culture in Northern Russia, seen in the light of L. Vygotsky, J. Beuys, P. Bourdieu and P. Freire.

more info >>>

Location: Kunsthall 3.14



19.12.-20.12. 2017




During the Christmas shopping, we invite the citizen of Bergen to come and 

buy a 'small act in a big tale' Christmas present made by Syrian girls and boys at a school in Lebanon.

The children make sense of making nice things that others can hold in their hands and bring home. A macabre thing in many ways, but most of all, it's a small act in a big tale.


The money from the sale helps children through the winter and is an investment in the future!

more info >>>

Location: Kunsthall 3.14


07.12. 2017




Karoline Skuseth (producer, curator for Bit discursive program)

Mikal Olen Lerøen (NRK journalist)

Kristine Kjendalen (journalist student at theInstitutt for informasjons- og media science and member of the student newspaper  Studvest) 

Moderator: Gitte Sætre (3.14 debate editor)

more info >>>

Location  Kunsthall 3.14


09.10. 2017


Tatiana Fiodorova and Brandon Labelle



In collaboration with Kunsthall 3.14, a series of rough seminars will run over the next year, resulting in an exhibition to open in October 2018. The Imaginary Republic looks at questions of public life and civic culture in today’s global environment, and how recent economic, social, and political unrest have led to an intensification of grass-roots initiatives, artistic activism, and forms of public commoning – what Stavros Stavrides terms “communities in movement”. The project aims to consider strategies for creative instituting and independent social configurations. Within this framework, questions about the public good and commonwealth are brought forward, allowing for a deeper inquiry into how art may work to reconstitute public power.

more info >>>

Location: Kunsthall 3.14


14.09. 2017


William Ruiz Morales



Awake was a performance piece built with the participation of the audience.  25 people were invited to a conversation, to share ideas, words, sounds, and bread.

A space for reflection and dialog and to develop a personal and collective time awareness.


more info >>>

Location: Kunsthall  3.14

Location: Kunsthall 3.14


08.09. 2017




On the evening of the annual cultural night in Bergen the artist performed between 18:00-19:30 and 20:30-22:00 inviting the audience to participate in the work by taking threads from their own hair and embroidering a new work in the presented canvas. Throughout the evening the artist also performed by embroidering on her work while the audience is present.


Since autumn 2014, the artist has collected hair from her daughter's hairbrushes and then embroidering these coal-black hair threads on white textiles. For the artist, hair represents humanity and social taboos in different cultures.




This project started in January 2017 with a Laboratory for Change at the Public Library in Bergen, followed up with a Laboratory for the Future during the B-Open weekend in April. However the politically independent campaign started 7 weeks before the Norwegian election 11 of September2017. Kunsthall 3.14, and the professor Frans Jacobi at Institutt for Art, UIB, Turid Heggland from Climate Network, the former extreme sport champion Jon Gjerde and Margrethe Brekke from RADIO LUFTBALLETT collaborated on this project. An investigation on how contemporary art and its practitioners can contribute to the public debate running up to a important Norwegian election in regard to  oil and gass-oriented economy and it´s impact in the world.

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Location: Public space
Location: Public space
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Location: Kunsthall 3.14
Location: Kunsthall 3.14
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Soups and Stories 


Kunsthall 3.14 have an ongoing collaboration with the local dialogue based artist-group Soups&Stories. The duration of our collaboration is 3 years and during the B-Open weekend in Bergen, the performance group reenacted a dialogue from the book 'New Worlds' by the artist Jonas Staal. In order to tell, what we look upon as a more or less hidden story. The story of maybe the most ambitious and radical political project in the world today; the political work by the Democratic Union Party or PYD in northern Syria.


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The American Poet: Ca Condrad

A collaboration between Kunsthall 3.14 and Institutt for Art, Music and Design, UiB

We have been a big fan of C