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In the city of Bergen at this moment in time we have a regional reform lurking in the background.  With this in mind the artist-group Alt Går Bra ask a rhetorical question to the community: what vision do we have for the future of our society? 

Do we want more local democracy?

Are we at risk of undermining our national institutions and making life more difficult locally?

You are welcome to debate all this with us at Kunsthall 3.14!  


Our guest Alt Går Bra, has made an interpretation of Pasolinis Manifesto. And they are proposing a new form of theatre.

The invited 'actors' are from various parts of the public sphere. They are together with you invited to participate in a performance.

In this manner they are turning the gallery into a theatre and into an arena for debate. 

One by one, the participants will introduce a self-chosen theme, and you are invited to debate with them.  

The controversial writer and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolinis Manifesto is, as far as they know, staged for the very first time, 50 years after it was written.  Furthermore Alt Går Bra uses historical symbols to represent the results of a survey of how the Norwegian people look upon the future of Norway, true the form of a coat of arms. This will be presented for the first time.


For more information visit:  

The play is co-produced by BIT Teatergarasjen and supported by the Norwegian Culture Council.  

Supported by KORO (URO), Free Words (Fritt Ord), Hordaland County Council, Levanger Municipality and the United Kingdom Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), and has been conducted in collaboration with LevArt, Jentene på Broen, Bergen Architecture School and Norwegian Citizens' Panel (UiB). 

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