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In First Person is a multidisciplinary art project created and performed exclusively by transgender people from Norway and abroad. The projects are an opportunity to rethink and rewrite our own history. We aim to create space and visibility for every unique story from the first person perspective. We will also reflect on topics surrounding, but not limited to, how our identities transcend normative structures today in terms of gender, reproduction, family structure, beauty standards and sexuality.

We need the entire society to transition with us. This project is an invitation to that societal transition. We want to have you there! 


In First Person is co-produced by Gamle Bergen, BIT-Teatergarasjen, Kunsthall 3,14, Kraft and Carte Blanche. The project consists of three parts; The House, The Festival and The Dance.


In First Person: The House is a collaboration between The Gamle Bergen Museum and 71Bodies / Daniel Mariblanca in line with the 950th Anniversary of the city of Bergen. This artistic project will take over 7 key locations at The Gamle Bergen Museum in August 2020. 


In First Person: The House is a space/performance that will offer a unique meeting between transgender people and the historic content of old Bergen. The project is a part of the museum's 950th city anniversary celebration. The House will be performed by nine transgender protagonists from Norway and abroad. The performance thematizes the existence of trans people in our time. This is an interactive project whereby the audience becomes part of the performance.  Tickets will be limited to 20 people per day. 

“In our house everyone is welcome and deserves to dance.” 

Performances will be scheduled from 03 -15 August.

In First Person: The Festival will be hosted by Kunsthall 3.14 and KRAFT in collaboration with the University of Bergen. The Festival will last for two days with lectures and panel discussions. Contributors include professor and activist Susan Stryker, LGBTQIA+ rights for families lawyer Erik Magi, Charlie Black, artist and activist Mathilde Decaen, and others. This is a free event, 18–19 September.


In First Person: The Dance is an archival and intimate collaborative performance between Tonje Havstad and Daniel Mariblanca. The Dance is inspired by their timely meeting several years ago when they both had begun their gender transition. The Dance is a performative expression of the tender and fragile moments that they shared. Full of changes, fear, excitement, pain and transformation, both Tonje and Daniel exhibit their raw emotions and physicalities that support such defining moments in their lives.

The Dance will premiere during the Oktoberdans festival in Bergen, Norway on 24–25 October.


Vaagsallmennigen 12, 5014 Bergen, Norway