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Day X
Commemoration of Julian Assange at Kunsthall 3,14
21.02.2024 17.30- 19-30

Kunsthall 3,14 invited together with the Anti-War Initiative to a commemoration of Day X, a significant moment in Julian Assange's legal battle against extradition to the United States. It represents the final opportunity in the British courts to prevent his extradition. This day marks the culmination of legal proceedings where Assange's defence team presents arguments against his extradition, typically citing concerns about human rights, freedom of the press, and the potential consequences he might face if extradited. ​ For Assange, "Day X" is a critical juncture that could determine whether he will be sent to the United States to face trial or remain in the United Kingdom.


These two days are said to be the last chance in the British courts to stop the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition. A two-day public hearing took place 20–21.2.2024 at the UK High Court. Assange faced a sentence of 175 years for uncovering war crimes made by the United States in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The commemoration began with an appeal by Sofie Marhaug, a parliamentary representative from Rødt. Gisle Selnes, an active campaigner for creating awareness about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, marked the day with chosen words. Terje Alnes from the Anti-War Initiative in Bergen marked the day with chosen words. Gitte Sætre, the debate editor at Kunsthall 3,14 was hosting the event. Music by the young musician August Selnes and the artist Naeem Searle read the 1875 poem "Invictus" by Victorian poet William E. Henry.

The event continued with a Bergen-based critic and professor Frode Helmich Pedersen lecture. He has written the book (2022) “Forfølgelsen av Julian Assange, eller kunsten å kneble en brysom budbringer” (The Persecution of Julian Assange, or the art of gagging a troublesome messenger) together with Gisle Selnes. Pedersen shared his knowledge about «The Afghan War documents leak», series of internal US military logs of the war in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks. The documents, revealing war crimes such as killings of civilians, were exposed by WikiLeaks in 2010."

Day X is often a focal point for supporters and activists who seek to raise awareness about his case and advocate for his rights.

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