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A seminar reflecting on the exhibition BEJOND THE EXHIBIT


19:00-21:00 at 3,14


Kunsthall 3.14 facilitates a meeting place for anyone who feels the need to gather up and look into the consequences of populist rhetoric and proposals for new legislations.

Tuesday April 3rd is a unique opportunity to meet Simone Guttschau from the Department of Archeology, History, Culture and Religion, and Fellow John Magnus Dahl from the Department of Information and Media Studies at Uib.


Our guests will in their own way start the conversation for us. Simone Guttschau through her movie Manila High - life in company with death. A film with a duration of 12 minutes tells the story the President Dutert's brutal war on drugs in the Philippines. John Magnus Dahl will draw a little closer to us here in Scandinavia and share his views from his research project on rhetoric, aesthetics and counterculture strategies.


This evening, we are presented with a micro story told through the grave diggers in Manila, how they experience and become influenced by the massacres; named the war on drugs. Simone will mediate her experiences on how it has been possible to get an insight into an otherwise difficult-to-grab political situation, often further distorted through a one-dimensional representation in Western media.   In other words, this evening is devoted to first-hand information and a in depth understanding of what is actually happening around us right now.



A short presentation by Simone Andrea Gottschau:

Bachelor of Media Production and Management, as well as Candidate in Culture and Communication. Simone Andrea Gottschau is dedicated to the art of dissemination of human and cultural narrative. Previously worked on various TV projects for DR.

Manila High - Life in Company with Death is her and Anders Palm Olesen's first independent film project.


A short presentation by John Magnus Dahl:

"MA In rhetoric, argumentation theory and philosophy from University of Amsterdam. Currently PhD fellow in Media Studies at University of Bergen. John Magnus is interested in the relationship between political rhetoric, aesthetics and popular culture; and is currently conducting a research project about Scandinavian TV humor thematizing immigration. 

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