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| 3,14LIVE |


by Juliane Zelwies


Thursday April 21st, 17:00-19:00

at Kunsthall 3,14

Performance "Reading out loud"

Exhibiting artist Juliane Zelwies in conversation with Gitte Sætre, Debate editor at Kunsthall 3,14.

You are welcome to join the second performance of 'Reading out loud' which is a public reading of Juliane Zelwies’ book Artistic Research, and then a conversation on the practice of artist Juliane Zelwies.


Friday May 6th, 17:00-18:00

at Kunsthall 3,14

You are welcome to join the third, and final, performance of 'Reading out loud' which is a public reading of Juliane Zelwies’ book Artistic Research.


Zelwies' series of posters and video works in the exhibition will act as an entry point to look at the social world of artists and how artists perform, compete, and socialize. In the conversation, we hope to discuss the habitus of contemporary artists and the common understandings that both shape the artists, as well as the art they create.

No entry fee, just show up, and we will try and give you something to think about.


The exhibition 'Reading out loud' at Kunsthall 3,14 is the final presentation of Juliane Zelwies’ artistic research PhD project at the The Art Academy at the University of Bergen.

Juliane Zelwies's work has been exhibited in solo- and group exhibitions, among others at Tromsø Kunstforeningen, Tromsø; Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles; TSA, Brooklyn, NY; Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles; Galerie Wedding, Berlin; Galleria Huuto, Helsinki; Landesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit, Mannheim; D21, Leipzig; Z/KU, Berlin; LIFT, Toronto; Galerie Axel Obiger, Berlin; Momenta Art, Brooklyn, New York; Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei; Derive Art Space, Taichung; KAV16 Gallery, Tel Aviv; Digital Art Lab, Holon; Deutsches Technikmuseum, Berlin. Her videos and video installations have been presented at film festivals such as The Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale); The Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival; Hamburg International Short Film Festival; Stuttgarter Filmwinter; Shedhalle Zurich; ZAIM Art Center, Yokohama; Temple Gallery, Philadelphia; NBK Berlin; Sjöhistoriska Museet, Stockholm.

Juliane is lecturing at various art schools and curates film programmes. Her video works are distributed by arsenal distribution - Institute for Film and Video Art.

(Photo: Tromsø Kunstforening / Vsevolod Kovalevskij)

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