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The Anarchist Ashram − Inauguration

08.11.2018 at 20:00


[Workshop: 09.11.-14.11.2018]

The Anarchist Ashram: Education as an ecosystem for art. Art as an environment for education. As part of the Imaginary Republic exhibition held at Kunsthall 3.14, participating artist and activist Joulia Strauss will offer The Anarchist Ashram as a one-week workshop dedicated to practicing forbidden, discredited and peripheral forms of knowledge.


The workshop will be between 13 and 18 o´clock, from Friday Nov. 9th to Wednesday Nov. 14th. Drop in at any time!

For the launch of the Ashram we will give short introductions to the processes and activist practices we have been part of prior to the unfolding of the Anarchist Ashram into the Imaginary Republic. These introductions will be held not only in human language but also as soundscapes that will shapeshift into an inaugural ritual, opening the floor to participants to contribute performances and actions.

The lineup for the evening:

- Vilde Jensen
> Herbalist surprize

- Emma Fuchs Sjövall
> Testing Smooth Communication

- Clara Mosconi
> Sacredia / Island listening group

- Tanja Silvestrini
> Sonic Interruptions

- Brandon LaBelle
> Soundscapes

- Joulia Strauss
> Songs of the Transindigenous


We will also reveal details about the upcoming week and prepare the participants for our special guests: Nitya (Tibetan Pulsing), and Maja Chiara Faber (Modern Astrology).


Anarchist Ashram

Education as an ecosystem for art. Art as an environment for education.

With the decentering of the West, art is opening up to the deep database of inspiring techniques of Enlightenment crucial for our socio-political struggles today. In our Imaginary Republic, the Imaginary becomes the Real and marginalizes the perverted, pre-quantic "reality" of bio-capitalism. Side effects: we might never be able to come back to our depressive ego-based individualistic art studios.


Joulia Strauss (the political activist supercat shaman artist in Athens) stands for a chord of artistic media, resonating in a deep bond with philosophy, technology, and politics. She founded and organizes Avtonomi Akadimia, a socio-cybernetic sculpture for education after the era of master discourse. Strauss’ works were recently presented at the documenta 14, Tate Modern, London, and ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe. In collaboration with Peter Berz, Peter Weibel, and Friedrich Kittler, she has edited a book titled Gods and Writing around the Mediterranean, Wilhelm Fink Verlag / Brill Publishers, May 2017.



Image credit: Clara Mosconi & Joulia Strauss

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