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02.05.2021, 14:00

at Kunsthall 3,14

The group exhibition Living Forgiving Remembering has received great reviews largely due to the diverse and intriguing artworks that point to a place beyond pain and stagnation within a civilization.
To meet the growing interest of the visiting public, Kunsthall 3,14 has created an audio guide to assist in mediating this important exhibition. 

The upcoming guided tour 'Picture Me, This' delivered by Davone Sirmans, on Sunday, 02MAY2021 at 1400 will stimulate museumgoers on the multifaceted correlations & juxtapositions associated to the how's, why's & projections of the way we develop ourselves going forward. 

The free guided tour will be a precursor to the Living Forgiving Remembering seminar scheduled for Thursday, 06 MAY 2021 (more information coming soon).

Davone Sirmans is not an art-historian. She is a creative, a thinker, and a strategic planner. Originally from the United States, she calls Bergen home after 15+ years of global work with the US Department of Defense. Davone´s definition of self is ever-shifting and evolving. She is a giver of love, light, breath, and space. Sharp wit with cold feet. Multifarious. Black. Woman. Queer. Unashamed and Unapologetic. Davone is the Company Manager for the transgender-inclusive dance and performance art company, 71BODIES, a selected-Event Producer with Borealis and BEK and our guest Museum Guide for the exhibition Living Forgiving Remembering.

The event will have limited space available due to the current restrictions. To attend please request/confirm your spot by sending an email to: 

*This event will be delivered in English. 

Be sure to reserve your place as we look forward to seeing you soon.

**Kunsthall 3,14 is on the 2nd floor unfortunatly with no elevator in the old building.

Cover photo by Mar C. Llop


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