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CALL FOR CHANGE / OPPROP FOR OMSTILLING : A massage from the arts to the people



07.01-11.09 2017 at 3.14 and around the city of Bergen

The far best way to learn about this project is to visit the webpage design to communicate all of it elements:


However the letter that was sendt to all art and cultural institutions on the West Cost of Norway and the Norwegian parlament is translated below ( the translated could probably be better, but bear over with us):

Dear voters and our future government!
We dream about is a government that takes the climate crisis seriously. A government that initiates a vision of change and the green shift will be the beginning of a future where we raise global problems together.
Our call for Change consists of seven visions for the future, seven works of art and a parade that encourages voters and the coming government to make the dream come true:
The , also known as the GREEN SHIFT, was an extensive civilization process that seriously sparked speed in 2017, where components such as the Paris Agreement, the UN's 17 sustainability goals, grassroots movements around phenomena such as 'plastic whale' and constitution 112 worked in synergy with economic gravity and infrastructural changes.
Among the first essential tools in the conversion process was the DRAWDOWN report, which analyzed the 100 most effective methods for handling man-made climate change and generated an acceleration of solution-oriented innovation.
The setting had socio-cultural ripples into behavioral patterns and attitudes, and generated revitalization and upgrading of ideals and standards for quality of life.
Central to the OMSTILLINGEN - in Norway - was a withdrawal of plans for the development of the petroleum sector in the Barents Sea, a major reversal of energy policy that positioned the nation as a pioneer country in a global context, avoiding the financially disadvantaged development would have caused.

Sincerely, A Call for Conversion; an appeal from art to the people!

Curated by Gitte Sætre, Frans Jacobi, Margrethe Brekke og Turid Heggland.

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