"The Anti-Terror Tour"

04.09. - 25.10.2020

The exhibition The Anti Terror Tour by Peter Voss-Knude will consist of previous and new works investigating visible and invisible 'terror'. Voss-Knude takes a closer look at the state's focus on terrorism and how emergency preparedness is arranged according to selected images of fear that are not primarily based on factual analysis. It also bat aspects of what the world has faced this year with the pandemic: Covid-19.

Peter Voss-Knude has for many years worked in the intersection of art, politics and anthropology.

This exhibition includes new commissioned works by Kunsthall 3.14 together with works from the exhibition "The Anti-Terror Album", which was shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denmark this spring.

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"From Darkness"


04.09. - 25.10.2020

The people portrayed in Ulf Lundin´s series "From Darkness" have been enclosed by themselves in total darkness for half an hour before the artist pulled the trigger on his camera. This he did from an adjoining room without seeing the sitter. The portrayed had no notion when the flash would lighten up their faces.

In this series "From Darkness" the people don't communicate with the viewer or the photographer. It is as if they are shut down, parked in stand by-mode. Since there is nobody watching them, they have ceased existing socially.

The photographic images was first produced in 2002, but for Kunsthall 3,14 it has been reworked into a new format of projection.

(Photo: C-print, 2002, Ulf Lundin / Galleri Magnus Karlsson)

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orogeny 00:58:51

a slight agitation

a rumble in the foundation

a dispersion

a cut in the present

a shattering of time

a release of suspension

a breathing out disrupted 


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Vaagsallmennigen 12, 5014 Bergen, Norway