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Artists from the Art Academy of Bergen respond to this most pressing of issues, the Climate Crises.

Benedikte Bergevik, Sofie Gustafsson Markinhuhta, Iivi Meltaus, Jonas Erboe Rasmussen, Line Rolf, Lovisa Ljungberg Carlström, Lukas Moland, Maisen Pedersen, Simon Sebastian Galsgaard Laumann, Christine Bouché  and Mia Carl.


Jonas Erboe Rasmussen has done some fantastic running performances where he starts the working day at 9.15 and runs a marathon in a room - in a workplace. It can be in a gallery, in an office or in a canteen. And during the working day, he has run a long-distance race of 42,195 meters that is normally run in the streets. The name marathon and the distance of the race are linked to the story of a Greek messenger. According to legend, the person died after running the approximately 40 kilometers from Marathon to Athens to report a long-awaited victory.


Iivi Meltaus is interested in the pre-pre moment before a change starts to form, contradictions and helium trade market, amongst other things. In her practice she examines environments and occurrences and makes work in relation to them. Often her work is described physical and humorous, expanding the time and space. Large and small, important and nonconcern are capable of being substituted in place of one another, she prefers an espresso to a filter coffee.


Sofie Gustafsson Markinhuhta presents ’Hands, happening, horizon’ showing Hands of people using their freedom to speech around the globe projected onto tree parole-banners made of bedlinen and crocket wooden sticks. In addition, Sofie has set up the Tree Adoption Agency together with Lovisa Ljungberg Carlström. Sofie Gustafsson Markinhuhta strives for her works to make gestures that the audience will carry with them into the intimate sphere of their home, it can be in the form of a gift, an image, a question or something that is missing. 


Benedikte Bergevik presents screen print on textile , Untitled, 2021. Bergevik is influenced by existential questions and ethical issues we regularly face as individuals. She is interested in decay, human traces in nature and natural traces in constructed landscapes. Through various mediums, she focuses on details in everyday situations and seemingly insignificant moments.


Line Rolf works with re-writings; to explore and maybe find ways to mutate, or introduce a transformation of narratives, language, bodies and emotions. The work often takes form of a bug, a hack, a poetic terrorism in mediums as text, video, photographic images and sound.

Title: “it exhausts me, crushing, bending, swallowing, the light”

(ikea bag, paper towel, laminated plastic, plastic strips, gallery spotlight)


Lovisa Ljungberg Carlström works intuitive and performative, often site-specific and connected to nature. She presents the Tree Adoption Agency together with Sofie Gustafsson Markinhuhta. Six fruit trees are searching for new homes and can be adopted during the exhibition.  

Christine Bouché, Mia Carl, Lukas Moland and Simon Laumann presents:


Stedet sker fortsatt

Ruinen er fortid, fremtid og nutid

Når du bygger noget, sætter du det op til forfald 

Three years ago, we discovered a ruined wave power plant in Øygaarden outside of Bergen. We have used the site as our camp for the “Control Project” during winter and spring 2021. We worked and lived there - trying to engage with the ruined wave power plant, the landscape and the history. 


We would like to invite you to do the same.
Bølgekraftvegen 50, 5337 Rong, Norge.


Please treat the place with curiosity and respect. 

Christine Bouché, Mia Carl, Lukas Moland and Simon Laumann


For the project Lovisa Ljungberg Carlström, Iivi Meltaus, Sofie Gustafsson Markinhuhta, Imad Alwahibi, Jonas Erboe, Nicola Gunn, Nikolay Tysse Øberg and Andreas Lian also participated with work and time.

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