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Friday November 5th, 19:00

at Kunsthall 3,14


Performance Art Bergen is 10 years old and the performance organization Bbeyond, Belfast is 20 years old in 2021.On the occasion of this double anniversary, we will collaborate on organizing two performances in Bergen and two performances in Belfast.

The performances are split into two categories:

- Nature Made: Untreated material / objects from nature.
- Human Made: Objects/materials that are made by the artist or others.


The performance artists from Bbeyond, Belfast, will work from the same starting points simultaneously in time and with the same materials.


The performances will begin the sessions synchronously in Bergen and in Belfast. The performances in Belfast will be streamed and projected life size alongside the Bergen performance and vice versa.

The performance artist in Bergen will be able to see the performance artist in Belfast. Thereby opening potentials for interaction between the performances from both cities. The performance context will have the exact same chair and table in both locations, in Bergen and Belfast.

About the artists (PAB):

Susanne Irene Fjørtoft works both in the performance and theatre arts. She has her education in visual arts from Ålesund Kunstfagskole and a bachelor in scenography from Norwegian Theatre Academy. She’s working spatially with her own body and objects and her works often take form as poetic imagery with the intention to share something both personal and universal with the audience. Her latest solo works have been a series of performances that thematically explore the often vague and intangible spaces between us human beings and our surroundings where we affect and are influenced.


Pavlina Lucas (b.1970, Cyprus) is a practicing architect based in Oslo. Her work is based on a phenomenological approach and driven by a keen interest in the interaction of body and space and the exchange between natural and manmade structures. She uses text, photography and performance art as re-search tools. Lucas has taught and lectured in various schools and her work has been exhibited and published internationally.



Sandra Johnstonis a visual artist from Northern Ireland working internationally since 1992 in the areas of performance, video installation, drawing and writing. The performance actions are improvisational and sparse in nature, working from a place of attrition and provisionality in regard to exploring context, materials and gestures. Each work is an imperfect attempt to search for fluidity and clarity in the present moment. Johnston frequently works collaboratively and has been involved long-term in the development of artist-led performance networks.

Sinead O'Donnell´s  work explores identity, borders and barriers through encounters with territory and the territorial. She sets up actions or situations that demonstrate complexities, contradictions or commonality between medium and discipline, timing and spontaneity, intuition and methodology, artist and audience. She uses photography, video, text and collage to record her performances. She often uses her body to investigate both her own and cultural boundaries, particularly in relation to the restrictions placed on women. Despite deliberately avoiding the sensationalisation of the body, her works often promote strong reactions and emotions.



The event in Bergen is curated by Kurt Johannessen and Karen Kipphoff

Free entrance

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