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Call for Change Opprop for omstilling


Sunday, 23. April 2017 at 3,14. 

16:30 - 19:00

3.14 welcomes the second event of a long durational project; Call for Change. The first chapter 'Laboratory for Change' was held at the Public Library in Januar during the Climate Festival. This afternoon, The Laboratory for the Future, a political workshop was part of the B-open program and this afternoon started out with the dialogue based artist-group Soups&Stories performing or rather reenacted a dialogue from the book 'New Worlds'. A dialoge between Salih Muslim from The Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the artist Jonal Staal. This gesture was performed in order to show one of the most radical political project. The National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change, the PYD and PYJ in Kurdistan. A stateless democracy and autonomous regions where the framework is gender equality, local financial management, secularity and cultural and religious diversity. Why? In order to se what is possible in chaos,  and what can be done in a country like Norway. 



Our specially invited guests was  Arild Hermstad from the Green Party (Miljøpartiet De Grønnes). He is our first candidate in Hordaland to the Parliamentary elections 2017. Our second guest speaker was  the veterinarian Lene Høgset, who work as  adviser in the salmon farming industry in Western Norway. The architect and board member of the International Women's League for Peace and Freedom, Susanne Urban. They shared burning status reports with the other participants and together we spoke about speak how we would like the world to look like in 2030. This brainstorm was material to the campaign Visjons for the Future that was launched every Thursday for 7 weeks prior to the Norwegian Parliamentary election in September 2017.


And to top it all of RADIO LUFTBALLETT ( Air-Ballet) launched a podcast series on climate change. A podcast which follows 'Call for Change/Opprop for Omstilling'. A podcast trying to answere burning questions about the green shift. The podcast can be listen to her



Curated by Soups&Stories

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