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Special film screening of 
Civil Disobedience at Kunsthall 3,14
22.10.2023 14.00

What makes ordinary people step out of their comfort zone, choose civil disobedience and defy the powerful forces of society driven by fossil fuels? Join the special screening of Thomas Østbye's film Civil Disobedience (Sivil Ulydighet) at Kunsthall 3,14 on Sunday October 22 at 14.00. The film is followed by an after talk with Vibeke Koehler and Torgeir Torlefsen. 


Civil Disobedience follows activists from the environmental movements 'Extinction Rebellion' and 'Stopp Oljeletinga' demonstrating against private driving, oil transport, and protests happening with famous artworks. The film provides important insights into civil obidience: the demonstrations, reflections behind-the-scenes, and finally, the activists' thoughts about conscience, consequences and punishment. The director of the film, Thomas Østbye, follows the activists so close that he gets arrested as well while the cameras are rolling. The movie is an intense and emphatic snapshot of activists, while also raising questions about societies driven by fossil fuels. 


Sunday October 22 is also the last day to experience the exhibition UNCHARTED by the Turkish artist Servet Koçyiğit at Kunsthall 3,14. The film screening takes place in the exhibition that has strong references to civil disobedience. One of the jacquard weaves in the exhibition represents the iconic photo taken in 2011 by Terje Nesthus, where six police men take down the activist Synnøve Kvamme from a container in the Hardanger demonsrations. The image has since become a symbol of resistance against the destruction of nature for increased energy production. 


The film screening is followed by an after talk with Vibeke Koehler and Torgeir Torlefsen. Koehler is the former head of the organization Sustainable Lives (Bærekraftig liv), and she curates TEDx program and works as a playwrite and editor. Torlefsen is a professor at Grieg Academy and an activist and spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion. 


The event is free and open to everyone! 

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