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Thursday the 22th of August, from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Keynote speaker: Stefania Maurizi from La Repubblica and video by Jeremy Scahill from the Intercept

Panel: Gisle Selnes, Rune Ottosen, Eirin Eikefjord, Eirik Løkke and Mads Andenes

Moderator: Jan Landro

Conferansier: Gitte Sætre

Funded by: Fritt Ord and NorskPen

Initiated by: Spontanious Art Collective

Place. Media City Bergen

A space, made for thinking and talking together about global threats to press freedom and the challenges of today, locally and internationally.

Julian Assange was our point of departure for the event Global Threats to Press Freedom.

Because he was dragged out of The Embassy of Ecuador earlier this year.

Because we know that UK want to hand him over to the US.

Because we know that we only have 5 months left before the trail.

We met to think and talk about what our relationship towards media, facts and information will be in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years from now.

Millions are holding their breaths.

Text from performance performed by the group:

As we find ourselves in this disturbing situation.
While we breathe this troubling time.
Do not forget Julian Assange
#WEAREMILLIONS is a call for change
An appeal, don’t forget
An appeal, don’t lose
An appeal, we must breathe
As we find ourselves in this disturbing situation.
While we breathe in this troubled time.

While the Espionage Act is being used as a weapon to attack free speech and dissent.

We are millions, we cry out.

Can you hear us WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange?

Can you hear us U.S Army Wistleblower Chelsea Manning?

Can you hear us Former CIA officer Jeffery Sterling?

Can you hear us National Security Agency Whistleblower Thomas Drake?

Can you hear us NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden

Daniel Hale…


Little by little, country after country, freedom of speech, restricted.
Let us contemplate upon the morality of the strongest hand in world politics, who is the criminal? Those who commit criminal acts or the messenger who exposes them?
Let us contemplate upon the different forms art and the roles of art in a democracy.
Let us contemplate upon why we created a classical activist exhibition in Media City.
Let us contemplate upon what an impartial and apolitical exhibition would look like. How it would then have gone unnoticed by the media, considering their manic focus on sensation and conflict.
Let us contemplate upon , US, UK, Sweden and Ecuador's targeted efforts to break down and manipulate history's greatest whistle blower.
Let us contemplate upon how material from these governments, published by corporate media, has contributed to influence our thoughts.
Let us contemplate upon the people's failing confidence and the consequences of terrorist legislation, monitoring and manipulation of our perception.
Julian Assange is and will be a great danger to society and our time, being the strongest symbol of our time, the one who gave us information and created the space for us to see and think for ourselves.
To all of you who made sure this exhibition came up again. Thanks
To all of you coming to #WeAreMillions day by day all over the world. Thanks
To all of you who dare to engage in critical journalism and do not rest on a premise that the United States owns you. Thank you so very much for your brave work

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