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From 19:00 to 21:00, at Kunsthall 3,14

The exhibition Living Forgiving Remembering helps to advance essential reflections on how we respond to what we experience in life. Following the artists footsteps in the exhibition, the seminar equally strives to point to a place forward for society and the individuals making it. The traumas depicted in the show are distant from most of us living in Norway. However, emotions cross borders and time- emotions will always be shared among us.

When entering the intangible landscape of human emotions, we quickly discover that humans are only emotionally intelligent sometimes and mentally healthy in a few areas and only at certain moments. With this seminar, maybe we will understand more of the shortcomings of human psychology and maybe make us start to warn our surroundings in good time, with an apology, charm and more potensial.

The seminar is an opportunity to gather and reflect upon the three concepts in the title. For the word LIVING 3,14 has invited Davone Sirmans to talk about the idea of Living by viewing the exhibition at hand. For the word FORGIVING, we have asked the associate professor in clinical psychology Elisabeth Schanche. And the last word REMEMBERING is given to Nader Turkmani, who will share his relationship with the word looking back at Syria and his Lgbtiq+ background.

About the guests to speak:

Davone Sirmans is a creative, a thinker, and a strategic planner. Originally from the United States, she calls Bergen home after 15+ years of global work with the US Department of Defense. Davone´s definition of self is ever-shifting and evolving. Sharp wit with cold feet. Multifarious. Black. Woman. Queer. Unashamed and Unapologetic. She is the Company Manager for the transgender inclusive dance and performance art company, 71BODIES along with recently being a guest Producer for selected events with Borealis and BEK.

Elisabeth Schanche is an associate professor in clinical psychology at the University of Bergen. Her research focuses on how people change in psychotherapy, with particular emphasis on self-criticism and self-compassion. She is also interested in the interface between Western and Buddhist psychology and practices that facilitate awareness of interconnectedness and a broader sense of identity.

Nader Turkmani (HE, him) is a Syrian living in Norway. He arrived as a refugee in 2016 and has his education in social work. His interests lay within social changes and empowering minorities. Founded and led the Tea & Talk group in Istanbul, Turkey, for Arabic-speaking Lgbtiq+ refugees, and founded and led Skeiv Verden Vest in Bergen for Lgbtiq+ people with immigrant backgrounds. Active with arranging sessions to discuss topics about discrimination, sexuality, and gender identity. Loves traveling and dancing—enjoyes life.


The event will have limited space available due to the current restrictions. To attend please request / confirm your spot by sending an email labeled 'Registration seminar' to:

Be sure to reserve your place as we look forward to seeing you soon.
Please note that this event will be delivered in English.


*Kunsthall 3,14 is on the 2nd floor unfortunatly with no elevator in the old building.


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