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19:00 - 21:00, at Kunsthall 3.14, and outside

Participating artists: 

Anja Carr, Ninjas of Bergen, Samuel Brzeski and Gillian Carson. 

Curator: Gitte Sætre

Initiator:  PAB LOCAL

An open call was sent out early May 2018 asking new and old members of the organization Performance Art Bergen to apply to curator Gitte Sætre challenge to enter Daniel Wurtzel installation 'SHITSTORM' at Kunsthall 3.14, and comment on the elements of the exhibition. The title and the text material are written mainly in Norwegian due to the local contacts of the project. We have translated some below. And to our readers and followers not living close to where we are located on the map, you might have the need of a back drop, a short introduction to the performing art scene. Bergen have had an active and progressive performance scene for many years, led by artist like Kurt Johannesen, Rita Marhaug, Robert Alda, Agnes Nedregård, Karen Kipphoff and Gillian Carson. They are still active and running strong at home and abroad, but recently they gave their positions in the organization to a new generation. 


In addition we have to mention that Bergen is the only city in Scandinavia with a department of Time-based art at the faculty for Art, Music and Design. The department is led by Frans Jacobi and Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen. Two of the four performances presented in this show are still attending this classes. Something is happening. Performance Art Bergen is about to be a new potential export article. This is viral and something important to give attention to, this has to blossom.

When Samuel Brzeski's first told me about his performance he said to me:

I wish to embody the voice of a failed masculinity.

I wish to embody the voice of the impotent male.

I wish to embody the voice of the Man who thinks that he can fix everything.


He is sitting on a chair in the middle of Daniel Wurtzel installation the Shitstorm, where plastic is flying around as mad birds. I can fix this, I can fix this, I can fix this, I can fix this, I can fix this, I can fix this. Time passes and how we interpret the sentence changes from empty to self-confident, from comforting to aggressive and finally as something quite hard to believe. The white western man has met something bigger than himself.


Anja Carr's performance 'Tackle to tentakle' makes us think, about all the things surrounding us. The eternal currents of images and impressions in our lives in the era of technology. It's easy to feel like a small pink sea anemone.  Standing completely quiet on the seabed  trying to catch everything with its slimy tentacles.

Gillian Carson's performance 'Gestures of the Drowning' is in many ways a reaction to all the social and political information we are surrounded by. An emotional response developed on the basis of her thoughts about humanity's complex reality.


Ninjas of Bergen, one of the many performances the group from the Faculty of Arts, Music and Design has recently performed. Now they are coming to us, we are extremely excited about what they will do this time.

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