Yasmine and the Seven Faces of the Heptahedron

08.09. - 06.11.2022

For our fourth edition, curator Yasmine d’O. invites the public to follow another Yasmine, a fictional character on her quest for a mysterious form, a seven-sided solid body called the Heptahedron. Her search is guided by seven enigmatic characters that she encounters along the way: the Professor, the Bonimenteur, the Moped Rider, the Fortune Teller, an Acrobats, the Coalman and the Tourist.

These seven characters lend their names to seven exhibitions spread across different venues in the city of Bergen from September 8th to November 6th, 2022. Each character-exhibition brings together three distinct artistic positions, offering a multiplicity of perspectives on the issues raised by their puzzling titles. After having shared this quest with Yasmine, what remains as memories in each visitor’s mind will give form to as many Heptahedra.

The quest of the Heptahedron is based on a play written by the French author Thomas Clerc after a performance by Saâdane Afif that took place in Marrakech in 2014. The idea sparked by this performance has since migrated from Morocco towards northern Europe. Having encountered different contexts and people along the way, the story has been enriched and transformed to evolve into an assembly in Bergen.

The exhibition exploring the Professor can be encountered at the Faculty for Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen, the Bonimenteur at Bergen Kunsthall, the Moped Rider at Bryggens Museum

The Fortune Teller will be spread across three spaces in a small side street called Østre Skostredet: Østre, a House for Sound Art and Electronic Music, Northing Space, a multifunctional space aiming to promote and mediate East Asian art and culture in Bergen, and an old wooden house.

An Acrobats can be encountered at Kunsthall 3,14, The Coalman at Gyldenpris Kunsthall, and the Tourist at Permanenten, as well as Kafé Mat & Prat at Engensenteret Care Home.

Meanwhile, the seven faces of the Heptahedron are explored through Side Magazine published by Wirklichkeit Books in the run up to the exhibition. Each of the seven issues are dedicated to one of the characters. The issues introducing the Professor and the Moped Rider have already been released and the Bonimenteur is next.

Bergen Assembly is supported by the City of Bergen, Vestland County and the Arts Council of Norway.



| 3,14LIVE |

Kommisjonen For De Gode Løsningene 

Den Nationale Scene 

Mandag 19. september, 2022, kl. 19:00-21:00

Kunstnere, aktivister og frittenkende har dannet en kommisjon for de gode løsninger. Nå inviterer de til en rundebordskonferanse i Teaterkjelleren for å utvikle en feministisk sikkerhetspolitikk. Mandag 19. september kl. 19, møter du syv kvinner som er lei av fastlåste verdensbilder, og som vil skape en ny og friere diskusjons-plattform.

Vi vil ha, vi vil ha teateret tilbake.
Vi vil ha, vi vil ha fornuften tilbake.

Å tenke ut over de etablerte verdensbilder og være med å skape nye verdenshorisonter er et abstrakt og utfordrende arbeid som krever nøkterne øvelser i en dypere refleksjon.
Hvem er godt nok trent i kritisk tenkning til å settes ting i et velfungerende system?

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3_Far_Before_and_After_us _Stefano_Cagol_2022.jpg




"Far Before and After us. Golta"

11, 12 & 13.11.2022

at Kunsthall 3,14

Opening Friday November 11th, 2022, 18:00

On 11.11.22, Kunsthall 3,14 in Bergen presents the new video work 'Far Before and After us. Golta' that artist Stefano Cagol made during his studio-in-residence at BEK Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts at the end of June, a reflection on our relationship with nature, with the ideas of time, change and upheaval looking back to many geological eras ago and what will be after us. There will also be present a video work now on show at the Venice Biennale (pavilion of the state of Perak-Malaysia), made in the Italian Alps with the same title and created after the conception of the work in Bergen, in response to the invitation to the Biennale. The result is a diptych with the triangulation of Bergen, Malaysia and the Alps, made of rituals of light and shadow beyond space and time.


The new work in Bergen, which continues a research permeated by the first experience over ten years ago in Norway in the Arctic area of the Barents Sea, sought a confrontation with the evidence of the oldest geological eras. The rugged western coastal area off Bergen where the artist went is one of the places that most evoke the birth of the conformation of northern Europe as we know it, namely the traces of that continental collision tectonic event that scientists call the Caledonian orogeny and place between 490-390 million years ago. The rocks on the island of Golta, where the performance turned into a video work takes place, go even further back in time, belonging to the earth's oldest era, the Precambrian. They are metamorphic rocks of magmatic origin, emerging from the earth's crust from great depths. Here Stefano Cagol at the time of the summer solstice, illuminated by the late night sun, triggered a fire ritual, igniting the dark rocks with the light of a red signal fire as if it were incandescent lava in the hands of the artist-schaman. Before returning to the tiny presence of man in the face of nature's grandeur.

The artist also appears to be a shaman in his poietic ability to create the work, carried out completely alone, being himself in total solitude on the island performing and filming it, controlling a drone by himself. His is also the editing, carried out at the studio-in-residence at BEK Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts.


The Biennale work of the same name in Kunsthall 3.14 was also created as a solo and evokes a land that predates human influence, as the action took place in the Dolomites mountain range in the Alps, once a tropical backdrop, now a peak of over 3,000 metres. It was created for the exhibition 'Pear + Flora + Fauna. The Story of Indigenousness and the Ownership of History' of the Perak state-Malaysia at the Venice Biennale. Why Stefano Cagol in the Malaysian pavilion? He is invited as the only international artist together with 6 Malaysian artists to address issues of the changing relationship to our surroundings, from an indigenous to a hegemonic attitude.


The works 'Far Before and After us' will also be on display at Kunsthall 3.14 in Bergen on 12 and 13 November.


"Far Before and After us. Golta" was realised as part of the studio in residence at BEK Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts.

Realisation and presentation are supported by the IIC Italian Cultural Institute in Oslo, and “Pera + Flora + Fauna. The Story of Indigenousness and the Ownership of History” is realized by Perak state of Malaysia, People of Remarkable Talents (PORT) as official collateral event 2022 of the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia.


Stefano Cagol studied at the Brera Academy, Ryerson University in Toronto with a post-doctoral fellowship from the Government of Canada and works in the fields of Conceptual, Environmental, Eco and Land Art. Winner of Italian Council (2019), Visit by E.on Stiftung (2014) and Terna Prize (2009), he has participated in the Biennales of Venice (2022, 2013, 2011), Curitiba (2019), OFF Cairo (2018), Manifesta (2018, 2016, 2008), Xinjiang (2014) and Singapore (2006).