| 3,14LIVE |

Thursday the 19th of August, 3.14Live arranges a discursive program parallel to Indré Šerpytytė exhibition. An event we have given the title 'Du må ikke sove/ You must not sleep'- with reference to the Norwegian writer Arnulf Øverland's poem 1. A poem that our guest Dag Steinfeld 2 also read during the Gestapo Museum opening opened in Bergen earlier this summer. Frode Berg 3, who was accused and imprisoned for espionage in Moscow in 2017, will be coming as well. Frode Berg will share his views on what happened to him and discuss the relationship between the military/intelligence and us as civilians.

Furthermore, we are very prowed to tell you that the DR journalist
Niels Fastrup 4 will come and talk about Denmark's role in Edvard Snowdon's revelations about US surveillance of its allies. Together with Lisbeth Quass, he revealed earlier this year how Denmark allowed the NSA to spy on politicians and officials via internet cables that went to Norway, among other places. This will be an exciting evening.

We are looking forward to seeing you again over the summer.