Living Forgiving Remembering

Group show. Multimedia installations.


Firas Abu Sirriyeh | Lungiswa Gqunta | Voluspa Jarpa | Lana Mesić | Hiwa K Guy Königstein |

Dinh Q Lê | Monali Meher | Saad Qureshi | Karen Sargsyan | Buhlebezwe Siwani | Akram Zaatari

Opening March 19th 2021

Curated by Mirjam Westen


Reconciliation is needed more than ever. We see Black Lives Matter demonstrations throughout the world, calling attention to inequality, racism and senseless violence. Inflammatory language on social media and even in politics serves to increase social polarisation. All too often, the world is shocked by extreme acts of violence prompted by prejudice against those of a certain religion, ethnicity, sexuality or gender identity.
Innocent victims and vulnerable groups suffer. In short, the world has countless divisions. How can we overcome differences? How do we create empathy? Should we try to understand the motives of those responsible for violence? Can forgiveness play a part?

Living Forgiving Remembering brings together works based on the themes of tolerance, reconciliation and forgiveness. They suggest various ways in which social and political differences might be overcome.

The exhibition is in collaboration with Museum Arnhem in The Netherlands.

Vaagsallmennigen 12, 5014 Bergen, Norway