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Darkness is a Temporary Condition"

Curated by Malin Barth


California-based artists group Fallen Fruit (David Allen Burns and Austin Young), make art which explores the role of fruit in creating shared culture both for the institutional art scene as well as for the public urban spaces.

Darkness is a Temporary Condition


There are two times per when terrestrial understanding of time space is suspended temporarily. On Summer Solstice, above the parallel the sun will never touch the horizon. On Winter Solstice, the inverse occurs, and the sun never rises above the horizon. It makes us think about the horizon, the world we know, and the conditions of life that exists between the earth and the sky.

Everything we have come to understand about the world is modulated by a rhythm of life, and organized by the rotation of the earth (with a slight wobble). The wobble is what makes a difference. It is the imperfection of the rotational axis that makes the world a kaleidoscope of color, shape, and form. This rotational pushing and pulling of light provides the necessary conditions for everything we know.. As the seasons shift all forms of life life goes to sleep and wakes up again in variations of patterns… one universal condition is repetition, a pattern that happens in about twenty-four hours. Another pattern happens in three hundred and sixty five days. Occasionally, and predictably, both of these patterns collide twice every year — at the summer and winter solstices.

The beauty of the world in all capacities persists — even in darkness. In everything we can imagine, the world that gives us joy, pleasure, and meaning — it is darkness that is a necessary condition from which beauty becomes possible. Without darkness, life would not persist with variations of color, shape, and form.

The rhythm of the sun and the moon is hypnotic. The cycles of the day and the night is a  transnational ceremony — a never ending procession of waning and waxing. Ironically, in conventional thinking, we actually believe that time doesn’t shift and the meaning is terminal and a long-lasting determinate — as if ‘truth’ has a solid foundation. But, twice a year, on the solstices we can notice that in some parts of the world this illusion of understanding day and night is magically suspended for about 2.5 earth rotations. The horizon and the illusions of the suspension of time temporarily creates the greatest tromp l’oiel in the world — an on-going hallucination created by the earth and the sky.  

The exhibition space is 3,14… begins with the number PI. This was not realized at first, perhaps overlooked, just like the horizon, the solstices, and the wobble of the earth. It is named for alphaprime — The best number in the known world. The thing that is neither divisible nor terminate. This new project created for 3.14 and the port city of  Bergen, illustrates fruits from around the world in full spectral light and then into darkness and back again. A panoramic installation about cycles of balance in color shape and form.

Fallen Fruit is an art collaboration originally conceived in 2004 by David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young. Since 2013, David Burns and Austin Young have continued the collaborative work.

The artwork 'Event Horizon: darkness is a temporary condition' is bought by the City of Bergen and will adorn the entrance to the new Åsane nursing home, completed in 2022.

The artists are relevant with their current exhibition at Victoria & Albert Museum in London as latest city added to the Endless Orchard.


​Opening speech by skolebyråd Linn Kristin Engø.

Special thanks to Einar Nilsson for getting the art work so beautifully installed.


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In collaboration with BERGEN MUNICIPALITY and their "BERGEN - THE EDIBLE CITY"

June 20th, 14:00 at Nykirkeallmenningen
Planting event of Plum trees

Event Horizon: Darkness is a Temporary Condition by Fallen Fruit is a visual explosion of capacity to connect and create shared culture through the role of fruit. The wallpaper pattern installation is creating a viewing environment encouraging action on part of the audience, going out into the world and planting a fruit tree.  The artists explores this through their interactions with geography, history, culture, society, politics, and most importantly nature.

Fruit is a transcultural symbol of sharing. During Fallen Fruit´s presence in Bergen they will also leads us out into the city encouraging participation in the world´s largest Orchard. The artists´ project Endless Orchard is a living public artwork that anyone can eat from! Bergen Municipality with their new project 'Tiltak spiselige vekster og frukttrær i by og bydeler' will collaborate with the artists combining these two projects now to realize this real living fruit orchard. Both the city´s gardeners and the public will plant, for the public and the bees – trees role in making our cities better places for people and nature to thrive.

Join us and interact! Anyone can plant, map, share, and navigate the fruit trees via the artists´ free online portal: or pick-up the fruit map at 3,14 where the locations of fruit trees growing on have been plotted, or overhanging, public space in Bergen.

Special thanks to Bergen Municipality Department for Urban Development, Committee on Environmental and Urban Development and Park section.

Reviews on the planting:

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Fallen Fruit of Bergen
Fallen Fruit of Bergen
Fallen Fruit of Bergen
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