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Zhanna Kadyrova

[Residency period10.-11.2015]

The Ukrainian artist Zhanna Kadyrova (1981) is one of the most significant voices from the Eastern European contemporary art scene. She has been awarded all major art prizes from her home country and participated in numerous exhibitions at prestigious international institutions such as Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Saatchi Gallery (London), PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art (Moskva), Venice Biennial (2013 og 2015) og Moscow Biennial and so forth. Kadyrova works on various media, such as performance, photography, drawing, painting and sculpture.

As one of the six members in the artist group R.E.P, she was involved in shaping a young generation of artists in Ukraine. The group has been very influential on defining new conceptual frameworks, artistic strategies and the general art discourse in the post soviet scene. In her solo practice, Kadyrova has been specially recognized for her sculptural work, which regardless of the usage of a wide span of materials, one can still notice the recurrence of some elements, such as asphalt, concrete and colourful ceramic tiles. The latter is considered one of the trademarks of her visual language.


Zhanna Kadyrova stayed in Hordaland October-November 2015. During her stay, she hold an event in Voss and an artist talk at 3,14 Nov. 28th.

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