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The Lonesome Dreamer

video installation


08.02. - 07.04.2019


In her artistic explorations established structures, are challenged both conceptually and visually.


She creates images that represent human characteristics, virtues and conceptions. In her imagery we encounter characters from all belief systems and worlds of ideas; gods, mythological figures, heroes and magical spirits, embodiments of human beliefs and hopes for a meaning of our existence.


In the Lonesome Folk tales are woven together with aspects from religion, pop culture meets art history, and furthermore, aspects of caring confront violence. Since the late 90s, Valeria Montti has been working on the topics that are currently an active part of the political landscape and discussion in Sweden. Marginalization, exclusion, frustration, and strategies to give a human life strength. All of this gives birth to a vibrant and strange universe seen in the video installation. Here, the dreamer becomes the warrior and the warrior becomes the dreamer. Dreamer


Valeria’s art is an expanding power that can not be contained by art spaces. It may start there, but it will soon push forward. Out into the street. Into society. Saturday the 9th of March Valeria will perform one of her performances live together with local performers from the Grieg Akademiet and  Kunstakademiet – Institutt for Samtidskunst.

Valeria Montti Colque (b. 1978, Sweden) is a Swedish artist with roots from Chile. She lives and works in Stockholm. She has a master’s degree in Fine Arts at Stockholm Arts Academy, and she has participated in both solo and group exhibitions, and performances, around the Nordic countries and South America.

Curated by Gitte Sætre.




Cloud Forest

The little dreamer comes walking

He is handsome

A well-dressed man

Sits down and fish

One night without stars in loneliness

He fishes dreams

High in the sky

A large white cloud of birds

Every human being is a universe

His body is his planet

He sees the other planets but they don't see him

Just a black dark wild cloud they see

The mountain stands motionless

The dreamer walks around on his planet

Around and around

How should they ever see him

The planet is hard as stone

A black dark cloud embraces him

As if a monster is carrying him

Or is it his shadow

Or A mother who rocks her child

The only one who sees him is the night

The night is singing for him

Her voice caresses him tenderly

He falls in love with the night

There is a dream!

Lays down at the foot of the mountain

On his bed of suitcases

Feeling the drops of rain in the face

Ready to travel

Over mountains



Crossing galaxies and the universe

Ready to dream

The mountain is watering him

One day he will be a beautiful flower

Falls asleep

The mountain is pushing him in his journey

The sun wakes up

The mountain is playing with the sun in the sky

It smells good

In the horizon cloud branches

Suddenly there, the dream sparkles

Rays shine from a cloud

Seeds grow from darkness

The most beautiful rose







March 9th.  1 to 2 PM

Researcher Bjarte Hannisdal from Centre for Geobiology, Department of Earth Science will worm up with a spectacular talk before we are thrown into the colorful and dreamlike universe of Valeria Montti Colque.  In the performance, 'Cloudforest' you will meet the Dark Wild Cloud played by the artist her self and The Night will be played by the singer Silje Mørch and The Owl will be represented by Diltumar Ehet on violin, both from the Grieg Academy. In the performance, two mountains will appear and the mountains are played by the dancer David Alræk and the artstudent Matias Grøttum. The Flower is represented by the dancer Yohei Hamada and the flower is played by the artist Tanya Varbanova. Don't miss this chance to see a live performance by Valeria Montti Colque.

Life will not be the same ever after.

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