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Straw bales


Straw bales is a sonic essay composed of spoken word, fragments of music and field recordings. Manderlová unwinds her sonic memories of a particular bird (common swift/tårnseiler/apus apus) through writing, drawing connections between the bird's voice, her ancestors, and their life occupation. She looks closely at her cultural background and personal history, coming from an industrial region where black coal mining is woven tightly into people's lives. Straw bales exists bilingually in English and Czech.


Magdaléna Manderlová is a multidisciplinary artist based in Trondheim. In her practice, she likes to think, feel and dream through sound and explores listening as a tool to engage with the world. She seeks reciprocal ways of relating and often engages with places and environments by walking and spending time with them. Her works in the form of sonic essays, field recordings, participatory soundwalks, site-specific projects, concerts, and writings, have been presented internationally. Manderlová is educated at the art academies in Ostrava, Czech Republic, and Trondheim, Norway.


Text, music and field recordings by Magdaléna Manderlová (Kozmické louky, Dolní Benešov, Løkken Verk, and Sulaymaniyah, 2019-21). Straw bales includes the song Sarajevo by Jaromír Nohavica (Warner Music Czech Republic, 1996); and Atlantic Canary recording by Patrik Åberg (recorded at Los Lajas, Tenerife, Canary Islands, 2016). There are quotes from the essay Černá hvězda by Jan Balabán, and The Letters of Virginia Woolf by Virginia Woolf. Straw bales was released on Breton Cassette in 2022.

Curator: Julie Lillelien Porter, Lydgalleriet

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