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Juliane Zelwies

Reading out loud, 2021

Two-channel video installation

08.04. - 08.05.2022

Opening April 8th:

17:00-18:00: Performance "Reading out loud"
18:00-20:00: Opening
Opening speech by Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Professor at The Art Academy in Bergen and Juliane Zelwies´s Phd. Supervisor.


This exhibition period triggered an association with Charlie Chaplin's first movie with sound, The Great Dictator (1940). In the scene before the famous speech, Chaplin is looking up onto an empty podium. The person beside him orders him to enter the stage and say something of importance. Frightened, Chaplin responded, I have nothing to say.

He quietly walks to the microphone when told that the world depends on his vision and direction for the future. Eventually, he performed the most remarkable motivational speech recorded in the 20th century.

The artist Juliane Zelwies’ practice draws attention to a particular blind spot carried by many artists. Hence the strong tradition of introspection, critique, and performative behavior within visual arts, artists often find it difficult to turn their gaze on themselves. Juliane Zelwies’ looks at artists role as propagators and contributors of imagery. However, hierarchies, dependencies, and structures of the institutional apparatus, often represented as The Museum or The Gallery, are frequently critiqued and examined by visual artists. Zelwies’ work in the exhibition explores approaches to describing, analyzing, and understanding the artist's habitus. She and her colleagues’ express beliefs, codes, and behavior in professional and informal settings. She is particularly interested in examining situations in which artists seem to violate unwritten rules or conventions and their peers' responses to such violations.

'Reading out loud is a video work and a public script reading which explore and expose the artist's memories of a particular symposium among fellow artistic researchers. The symposium was held on the island of Utøya. Being on the site where the horrific terror attack happened in 2011 impacted her immensely. Epic realities shook her ground, and her role as an academic agent of visual thinking was set in motion. 

Through audio and video installations, short films, and lecture performances, Juliane Zelwies explores the psychology of social interaction, particularly regarding communication among humans. The artist's language is visually at home in the ambiguous borderland between documentary and dramatization. Much of her work relies on an exchange with expert groups and individuals with whom she investigates the construction and deconstruction of narratives. 


The exhibition Reading out loud at Kunsthall 3,14 is the final presentation of Juliane Zelwies’ artistic research PhD project at the The Art Academy at the University of Bergen.

Juliane Zelwies's work has been exhibited in solo- and group exhibitions, among others at Tromsø Kunstforeningen, Tromsø; Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles; TSA, Brooklyn, NY; Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles; Galerie Wedding, Berlin; Galleria Huuto, Helsinki; Landesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit, Mannheim; D21, Leipzig; Z/KU, Berlin; LIFT, Toronto; Galerie Axel Obiger, Berlin; Momenta Art, Brooklyn, New York; Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei; Derive Art Space, Taichung; KAV16 Gallery, Tel Aviv; Digital Art Lab, Holon; Deutsches Technikmuseum, Berlin. Her videos and video installations have been presented at film festivals such as The Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale); The Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival; Hamburg International Short Film Festival; Stuttgarter Filmwinter; Shedhalle Zurich; ZAIM Art Center, Yokohama; Temple Gallery, Philadelphia; NBK Berlin; Sjöhistoriska Museet, Stockholm.

Juliane is lecturing at various art schools and curates film programmes. Her video works are distributed by arsenal distribution - Institute for Film and Video Art.

(Photo: Tromsø Kunstforening / Vsevolod Kovalevskij)

3,14LIVE program connected to the exhibition >>>



Words of Mouth
2018 - 2022
series of four posters
poster paper
each: 118,9 x 84,1 cm
open edition

Off The Record
video loop
4K video, colour, stereo sound, 11:23 min

cinematography: Till Beckmann
2nd camera: Noam Gorbat
sound recording: Isabell Spengler
production assistance: Veronika Steininger
soundmix: Jochen Jezussek
colour grading: Till Beckmann

Reading out loud
two channel video installation
4K video, colour, stereo sound, 54:30 min

script read by: Ruth Alexander Aitken, Neil Bennun, Ekaterina Bespalova, Bernt Bjørn, Trine Hild Blixrud, Tanya Busse, Andrea Conradsen, Lena Gudd, Kristina Junttila Valkoinen, Emil Rodrigo Jørgensen, Vsevolod Kovalevskij, John Sigurd Kristensen, Per Martinsen, Rurik Sjösten, Trond Peter Stamsøe, Eva Svaneblom.

camera: Anna Näumann, Håvard Nordgård
production assistance: Michael Thorne
sound recording: Nathanaël Gustin
lighting: Rob South
soundmix: Jochen Jezussek
colour grading: Till Beckmann

The Cloud
one channel video installation
4K video, colour, 5:37 min (loop)
camera: Juliane Henrich
colour grading: Till Beckmann

2021 / 22
six scripts with handwritten notes on lecterns
(dimensions variable)

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