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Listening Session with Nástio Mosquito: "0" The Body vs. Transcendence vs. Dying

On Saturday 22. April Kunsthall 3,14 and Østre Bergen have the pleasure of inviting you to a performative listening session with Nástio Mosquito where we break bread and listen to the album “0”.


“0” is the third and final step into Nástio Mosquito’s quest to debunk identity as the commonplace of human self-recognition. This is a sprint towards clarity, and the joy of reinvention. The simple profound idea was to construct a gesture that would truly translate the invitation to consider human dignity.


We open the evening with a conversation about the

words unspoken that inhabit 0.

We toast.

We listen.

We break bread.

The communal listening session is followed by an

opening of the floor; comments, questions, thoughts

all are welcomed from those present.

The trust to be one of many, the recognition of the

I in we, and the joy that is celebrating our desire for

a good story is the experience.


Through a multimedia practice bridging performance, music, video, installation, sound and poetry, Nástio Mosquito is known for works that explore issues such as identity and social relations, as well as the complicated history and effects of colonialism, particularly in his native Angola. The listening session and exhibition is a unique opportunity to meet this important artist in the middle of his career. The listening session is organized in relation to Mosquito’s exhibition opening 21. April at Kunsthall 3,14. The exhibition "Chat GPT and Tuva Mossin Curate Whispers in the Vault: Presenting Another Leader - Act II by Nástio Mosquito" is the first ever presentation of Mosquito in Norway.


The event is free and open to everyone, but tickets need to be reserved as there is limited space.


Doors open: 20.30
Event start: 21.00
Duration: ca. 1 hour


The next event “Keep it dark” will start shortly after the listening session ends, and we hope our guests will stay with us at Østre for a full evening of music and dance.





Coverphoto: © Nástio Mosquito

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