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Since the very beginning of his career in the 1970s, Brian Maguire has approached painting as an act of solidarity. His practice is truly engaged, compelled  by the raw realities of humanity's violence against itself, and the potential for justice. Maguire's preoccupations draw him to the margins of the art world---alternative space, prisons, women's shelters, and psychiatric institutions---making shows in traditional galleries and museum spaces something of a rarity. Maguire's most recent paintings directly confront issues of migration, displacement, and human dignity in the face of current global unrest. They are some of his most nuanced and ambitious to date, crafted with larger brushes and thinned-down acrylic on canvas. He works slowly, using photographic sources, searching for that point where illustration ceases and art begins. This growing contrast between the seductive painterly aesthetic and the subject matter only adds to the potential impact of these formidable canvases.

Curator: Malin Barth

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