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A retrospective of Maghrebi-French Cinema
ArteEast, New York



08.08. – 14.09.2008



Curated by Carrie Tarr, and produced by ArteEast, New York.

Series of films reflecting upon the legacy of colonialism and the challenges of integration and assimilation of immigrant populations in France. The term "beur" is a French slang derivation of the word Arabe, and refers to the French-born children of North African (Maghrebi) immigrants who, for the most part, grew up in the concrete wastelands of the low-income housing projects in the working-class suburbs of France.

Screening in vault:
“The General Store” by Chantal Briet, 2005, 84min.  >>>
“Cheb”, by Rachid Bouchareb, 1991, 79min.  >>>
“Tea in the Harem” by Mehdi Charef, 1985, 110min.  >>>
“Memories of Immigration” by Yamina Benguigui, 1997/8, 160min.  >>>
“Where Fig Trees Grow” by Yasmina Yahiaoui, 2004, 82min.  >>>


Screening in elevator:  >>>
“Memories of October 17” by Faiza Guene and Bernard Richard, 2002, 17min.
“Dounia” by Zaida Ghorab-Volta, 1997, 17min.
“My Lost Home” by Kamal El Mahouti, 2001, 19min. >>>


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