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Lifted from the surrounding landscape
Open seminar reflecting on the exhibition "While the Light Eats Away at the Colors" by Apichaya Wanthiang

Monday January 16th, 10:00 - 14:00

- From the Panorama to Virtual Reality and The Return of the Real

with Eamon O´Kane
In his presentation Professor O´Kane will compare developments in new and old technologies such as the 19th century panorama and the development of virtual reality.
He will discuss how the questions raised in Hal Foster’s Return of the Real are more pressing than ever for contemporary visual culture in order to counteract Jean Baudrillard´s predictions of a post-apocalyptic hyperreality which has developed exponentially with the growth of social media and other digital platforms.

- Affording Time
with Trond Lossius
The psychologist James J. Gibson introduced the term ’affordance’ to describe what the environment offers us. In interaction design ’perceived affordance’ is the quality of an object that suggests how it might be used. Drawing on the ambient thinking, music and audio-visual installations by Brian Eno as well as his own works, Trond Lossius will discuss how time can be afforded in installations, inviting the audience to a deeper and more prolonged engagement with the works.

- Listening to Reverberation
with Johnny Herbert
Developing a speculative acoustics and a set of listening practices that together try to approach the (inaudible) conditions of audibility, how can we listen to conditions that reflect, subtract, and mask?

- Apichaya Wanthiang in conversation with Malin Barth
On the works, the process, and the design of the exhibition.


The exhibition is supported by Norske Billedkunstnere (NBK). The seminar is a collaboration with Institute of Arts,
Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen.

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