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Kunsthall 3,14

Dare To Hear a Podcast Series


A series of recorded conversations and edited artistic sound material by Kunsthall 3,14´debate editor Gitte Sætre

Gitte Sætre is in her position as debate editor responsible for extended outreach and her mission is to go in-depth on the theme of the curated exhibition program. What do the living artists of today discuss within the language of contemporary art? Where does the visual art field connect and depart from in form and content when looking at the art field as a whole, within design, literature,  theatre and architecture?   Gitte Sætre is in addition to her position at Kunsthall 3,14 an artist departing from fine art and operating in an extended field of esthetic thinking and doing.




A punk sound collage in collaboration with the American artist and researcher Benjamin Gerdes and the bicycle director of the City of Bergen, Einar Grieg. The episode premiered as a part of a performative lecture on a bike ride from Kunsthall 3,14 to the suburbs of Fyllingsdalen. The tunnel to Fyllingsdalen is the longest cycle and pedestrian tunnel in the world. This episode is experimental and contains a collage of sounds and voices.




Discussing the exhibition "Law of the Land"  and the painting series "Missing and Murdered Indigenous People" and "The Remains, Arizona" with the Irish artist Brian Maguire. A talk about the violence against indigenous peoples and immigrants unfolding in the American West. How can art function as resistance and a way to fight against injustice? Painting as an act of resistance.




Kunsthall 3,14 is in dialogue with Chris Duckett, the founder of Human 
Rights Art Foundation. Duckett has worked with human rights issues over 
20 years, and he played a key role in introducing the Irish artist Brian 
Maguire’s painting series «Missing and Murdered Indigenous People» to 
Kunsthall 3,14. The episode follows up a series of exhibitions, talks 
and seminars on resistance and solidarity.




Where is the intersection between visual art and performing arts, and what happens when you mix in the horror genre? In this episode, Kunsthall 3,14 talks with visual artist Søren Thilo Funder and writer Ida Lødemel Tvedt about the exhibition "Oceanic Horror or How to Survive the Night in the Haunted Mansion of Absolute Capitalism". The exhibition, which was shown at Kunsthall 3.14 in the spring of 2023, was part of Funder's PhD project at KMD.

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