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Contemporary Art from Australia

Fiona Foley | Nathalie Hartog-Gautier | Kim Lawler

Curated by Jeremy Welsh

20.01. – 26.02.2012

In the book "Language of New Media" (2001) Lev Manovich suggested a shift in form from old to new media. While the novel and subsequently cinema privileged the linear narrative, the database has become the predominant organizing form within new media. Since this book was published, "archive" has become a more established term than the more technically inclined "database". The linear narrative presents events in a fixed sequential cause-and-effect order. In contrast "many new media objects do not tell

Link to e-book with presentations of the artists, and texts by Cathie Payne, Jeremy Welsh, Malin Barth >>>

Tracking/Tracing Seminar

A one-day seminar in connection with the exhibition Tracking/Tracing at Stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen. 
The exhibition, curated by Jeremy Welsh, features work by three Australia artists, Fiona Foley, Nathalie Hartog-Gautier and Kim Lawler. 

The seminar will focus both on works in the exhibition, and on related themes to do with place, time, memory, landscape and image. 

11.45 – coffee, viewing the exhibition 
12.00 – introduction, Jeremy Welsh 
12.10 – screening of the video “Bliss” by Fiona Foley 
12.20 – lecture by Cathie Payne, new media researcher at University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia and author of the catalogue text for the exhibition. 
13.15 – coffee break 
13.30 – Nathalie Hartog-Gautier, Sydney-based artist: artist talk, presenting her work “Scanning Memories” featured in the exhibition. 
14.00 – lecture by Jill Walker Rettberg, professor in Digital Cultures, University of Bergen: “Sharing photos: filtered moments of life in social media” 
14.45 – coffee break 
15.00 – Heidi Nicolaisen, artist and lecturer at KHIB: artist talk, presenting her current photographic project concerning distant relatives whose families emigrated from Norway to Canada 
15.30 – lecture by Steven Bode, curator and director of The Film and Video Umbrella, London, on recent FVU projects dealing with landscapes, images, journeys. Steven has produced projects with a number of prominent artists including AK Dolven, Johan Grimonprez, Isaac Julien, Jane & Louise Wilson, Mark Leckey, Tacita Dean and many others. 
16.30 – summing up and close. 

The seminar is funded by Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen. The participation of Nathalie Hartog-Gautier and Cathie Payne has been supported with travel funding by Trade & Investment in The Arts NSW and the University of Newcastle NSW. 
Fiona Foley is represented by Niagara Galleries, Melbourne, Victoria.

Fiona Foley




Nathalie Hartog


Kim Lawer

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