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"Far Before and After us. Golta"


Opening Friday November 11th 2022, 12:00

Kunsthall 3,14 presents the new video work “Far Before and After Us. Golta” by Stefano Cagol. The film centers around the layers of rock in Golta in Øygarden, which are visible remnants of the Caledonian mountain range. The waves continuously washing over the rocky landscape, reveal the many layers and traces of Earth’s history. The film is a reflection on our relationship with nature, with the ideas of time, change and upheaval looking back to primeval times, while posing the question “what will be after us?”.

On the metamorphic rocks on the island of Golta, Cagol stages a performance which he has later turned into a video work. It takes the audience back in time, to the the Precambrian era when the rocks emerged through the earth's crust from great depths. Illuminated by the late-night sun at the time of the summer solstice, Cagol triggers a fire ritual, igniting the dark rocks with the light of a signal fire, before returning to the tiny presence of man in the face of nature's grandeur. The new work in Bergen is part of a long-standing artistic research project where Cagol seeks out and confronts the evidence of the oldest geological eras. In the film, the artist appears as a shaman-like figure in total solitude both performing and filming with a drone. The rugged coastal landscape around Bergen is one of the places that most clearly reflect the formation of northern Europe as we know it, with its traces of the tectonic collision 490-390 million years ago, called the Caledonian orogeny.

Alongside "Far Before and After Us. Golta" will be shown another video work with the same title, which is currently presented at the Venice Biennale. This was created in the Italian Alps after the conception of the work in Bergen, made by Cagol during his studio-in-residence at Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts (BEK) in June 2022. Like the Golta edition, this film in the Dolomite mountain range, evokes a land predating human influence. Once a tropical backdrop, this landscape is now a peak ranging more than 3 000 meters above sea level.

Stefano Cagol (Italy) is an award-winning filmmaker and artist working in the fields of conceptual, environmental, eco and land Art. He has studied at the Brera Academy, Ryerson University in Toronto with a post-doctoral fellowship from the Government of Canada. His work has been exhibited in important international institutions, most recently at the Venice Biennale 2022.


Opening November 11th at 12:00 in the presence of Stefano Cagol.
Refreshments will be served.

Screening hours:
Friday - Sunday 12:00-17:00.


The film series Far Before and After Us have been realized with support by Bergen Center for Electronic Arts (BEK), the IIC Italian Cultural Institute in Oslo, and Perak state of Malaysia, People of Remarkable Talents (PORT).


"Far Before and After us. Golta" was realised as part of the studio-in-residence at Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts (BEK). During the screening weekend, BEK will host an event-packed symposium discussing related topics to the film. See full program here:

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