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Sasha Pirogova & Marina Fridman

2017 | video | 4K/HD | 2.39:1 | Stereo sound | 10’

06.11.2020 - 21.02.2021 [Exhibition ended 07.02.2021 due to Covid-19 government restrictions]

Curated by Malin Barth

“In the video Garden the authors refer to the eternal questions of the universe. The story of life and death is re-interpreted here as a concept of light and darkness, where there is no opposition between them. In fact, absolute darkness does not exist. There is simply a lack of light. As a source of light, a human can and should always fill this lack. This change is the very essence of life. In other words when a person—at their best—appears, life always starts blooming. In the Garden we witness this process.
The title of the work refers to a garden that eternally blooms, transitioning from darkness to light. This becomes possible when darkness ends. At the same time, light is a source of a human’s heart. One which never ends. This light has various names; hope, happiness, love. 
A viewer of the Garden goes through a path in which love is celebrated as love is the basis of life. Garden is a symbol of hope, the eternal celebration of life and the absoluteness of blooming.

This theme continues in the next video, Timeless, which is itself an extension of the Garden. The only thing time is not able to control is LOVE. Love has no past! The new work is a hymn to this powerful feeling.” Marina Fridman


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