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20.01. – 26.02.2012


"Process" consists of five video clips, each featuring a dancer and his/her movements. It discloses the behind-scene creative process and blurs the line between the public and the private. Revealing what is normally hidden, "Process" creates an in-between space where the exposed re-enacts with the concealed.

The choice we make as artist inheres our choice of hiding; in every choice we make, there is a conscious selection of making something public and keeping something private. Through this process we weave a fabric of illusion; the public illusion of who we are and what we do.

Seeing art as an exchange of the most intimate from one person/artist to another/ the public, this immanent dual nature creates certain problematics. The seemingly "nakedness (naked soul)" of an artist is in reality a constitute of disciplined training in self-conscious selection of self exposures. "Process" intends to bring awareness to that process.

Five dancers at different stages of development both personally and artistically are depicted in "Process." By treating each dancer individually to suit their movements and personalities, "Process" further explores the question over the directions of certain art disciplines in which the personal becomes obsolete in favour of the norm via skills, techniques, and discourses of the genres.


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