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Archipelago (@teotd heads r gonna roll)
Exhibition Hall

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This is Archipelago. No one is an island. You are Archipelago as we are Archipelago.

Archipelago (@teotd heads r gonna roll) is the second instalment of Søren Thilo Funder’s two part exhibition at Kunsthall 3,14, revolving around the realm of finance and high frequency trading. Splashed, from the selfcontained trading pools of early high frequency trading, out into the unfathomable oceanic network of fluid relations and associations that constitutes finance trading in the age of Web 2.0, we descend into a submerged imagined interior of an opaque financial structure. In the speculative encounter with the everyday existence within this structure and the social relations of its inhabitants, a competitive world of accumulative desires, self-optimisation and self-sacrifice unfolds. Here, the human resources of the high frequency trading firm Archipelago, meander about mechanically and disengaged, power napping, exercising and networking, always one devise removed from their physical surroundings. Inside this strangely isolated vacuum of complete interconnectedness something sinister is brewing, not only in the depraved shit talk on message boards but in the dark corridors and conference spaces as well.

Archipelago (@teotd heads r gonna roll) marks the culmination of Funder’s Artistic Research PhD at the Art
Academy - Department of Contemporary Art, University of Bergen.

Søren Thilo Funder (b. 1979) is a visual artist working primarily with video and installation. His works are mash-ups of popular fictions, cultural tropes and socio-political situations, projections and histories. They are narrative constructions insisting on new meaning forming in the thin membrane negotiating fictions from realities. Invested in written and unwritten histories, the paradoxes of societal engagement, temporal;displacements and a need for new nonlinear narratives, Thilo Funder proposes spaces for awry temporal, political and recollective encounters. Soren Thilo Funder holds an MA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and The School of Art and Architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is now doing his PhD in Artistic Research at The Art Academy - Department of Contemporary Art, University of Bergen (UiB).

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