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Rosali Grankull
Exercise for two and more players

The Swedish composer and sound artist Rosali Grankull's Exercise for two and more players is a soundscape of resistance. It can be read as a meta-political exploration, a catalyst for both introspection and collective action.

In today's increasingly tumultuous world, where political polarisation and societal tensions prevail, listening has emerged as a powerful form of resistance against destructive forces. This concept lies at the heart of Exercise for two and more players. First presented by the musical ensemble Curious Chamber Players in 2023 in Göteborg, the starting point for the dynamic sound composition is the players’ previous physical experiences. The dynamic work combines these together, creating something new as a group. A collective instrument emerges from the interactions, tensions and distances between the players and the wires of the individual instruments. At Kunsthall 3,14, the dynamic sound composition is re-designed to be experienced through a parabolic speaker system.

At its core, Exercise for two and more players aims to promote community through listening and participation. In a multi-layered sonic landscape, the composition invites to contemplate the complexities of contemporary socio-political realities. The sound installation combines juxtaposing sounds, echoes the cacophony of conflicting ideologies, and reminds us of the rhythms of societal unrest. The art of active listening gives space for negotiations, empowers individuals to reclaim agency in shaping their collective future, and challenges narratives of apathy and disillusionment.

Curated by Gitte Sætre and Malin Barth

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