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"New Message to Europe"2018-2019

by SHAHRAM ENTEKHABI in collaboration with Zartosht Rahimi, Ali Mirmohammadi 

Mixed-media installation: 13 HD-videos (Farsi with English subtitles), suitcase, 13 various objects (gifts)


Curator: Asieh Salimian (Factory TT)

Our present time and age, people get defined by harsh categorizations and differentiation rather than focusing on the shared traits among us. After the so-called "Iran Deal" was terminated by the USA, the dialogue between the Western world and Iran is endangered. As the celebrations of the fortieth anniversary of the Iranian revolution earlier this year has taken part, US is more determined to strengten the anti-Iran coalition. Most of the world on the other hand worry more about Trump’s impulsiveness and unpredictability than about what remains of Iran’s revolutionary fervor.

"New Message to Europe" is in direct response to the newly increased isolation of a country it´s effetc on it´s people. In the project the artists Entekhabi in collaboration with Rahimi and Mirmohammadi have invited 13 individual participants who were encouraged to give a brief personal message to European audiences through video recordings. They can be viewed to represent Iranian intellectuals, academics, and cultural key figures from the following fields: Arts (Music, Literature, Fashion, Architecture), Science (Social Science, Psychology, Religion, Ethnology), Journalism, Women Sports, Law, Politics, and the Art Market. All of the participants are living and working in Iran.

In addition to their utterance, each of the participants provides a small personal gift related to their activity. The gifts will be presented alongside with the videos in the exhibition at the Kunsthall 3,14.

At the closing of the exhibition the visitors have the possibility to take one of the gifts with them in exchange for a small personal gift in response to the message of the interviewee. The gifts of the visitors will be brought to Iran and handed over to the Iranian participants. The installation attempts to create a direct and unfiltered dialogue between the interviewees and the Norwegian viewers as well as to address personal issues that are often not found in the public media landscape.



Morgenbladet (Norwegian) >>>

List of Iranian participants:


1 - Mr Dr Saeid Abbaspour (Writer, poet, and psychologist)

2 - Mrs Dr Taraneh Yalda (Architect, and urban planner)

3 - Mr Ali Dehbashi (Iranian journalist, Iranologist, researcher, and writer. Chief editor of Bukhara magazine)

4 - Mr Morteza Goodarzi (Musician, instrument maker, and composer) 

5 - Mr Bahman Yosefi (Lawyer)

6 -  Mrs Dr Shiva Dowlatabadi (Chairman of the Iranian Psychological Association, Chairwoman of the Association for the Protection of  Children's Rights)

7 - Mrs Dr Poupak Azimpour Tabrizi (Ethnologist, researcher of traditional handmade Iranian dolls, and author)

8 - Mrs Dr Nayereh Tavakoli (Sociologist, researcher, member of Iranian Women's Studies Foundation, author)

9 - Mr Dr Shahab Mirzaean (Architect, CEO and Founder of L.E.D Architects)

10 - Mr Mohammad-Ali Abtahi (Theologian, politician, pro-democratic activist and chairman of the Institue for Interreligous Dialogue; former Vice president of Iran)

11 - Mrs Sara Etemad (Captain of Iranian National Women's Basketball Team)

12 - Mr Amirhosein Etemad (Director of Etemad Gallery)

13 - Mr Pejman Chaman Araei (Fashion Designer and Founder of the brand PJ Araei)



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