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Motholic Mobble part 3
2009, Digital Video 4:3 - 06:19 minutter 

Photographer: Tor Willy Ingebrigtsen 

Performance, sound mix and editing: Kaia Hugin 

27.03. - 03.06.2015 

The video piece is part of the performance based Motholic Mobble series. The title is constructed in relation to the works, and can be interpreted as “movement between the space we do not see and the space we never reach. The Mobble is an episodic tale that dwells with fundamental elements in nature as well as in the existential human experience. Hugin focuses on the ability of gravity, power of dreams as well as on our search for purpose and connection to the surrounding. It might be seen as an intervention or interference, or maybe as a longing to connect to nature. Thematically key elements are orbiting movement, space, humor and horror. 

Patience, time and labor are used in order to create a “real film trick”. Visualy this is explored through bodily reflex, compulsive and even irrational pattern of movement. In Motholic Mobble part 3 we observe an uncompromising bodily presence through the artist´s monotonous and repetitive movement. This pattern is an exploration of borders both physically, but also mentally. Hugin slowly drills herself deeper and deeper into the ground and can be viewed as an urge for the perfect all encompassing space, or our desire to make a mark.

Kaia Hugin (b.1975) is a Norwegian video artist who lives and works in Kolbotn, Norway. With a background in contemporary dance, she eventually moved onto contemporary art, and graduated with a MA in Fine Arts from Bergen Academy of Art and Design, in 2011. Since her graduation, Hugin has exhibited extensively in both Norway and abroad, participating in group shows and festivals, as well as solo exhibitions. Hugin has established herself as a prominent artist in the Norwegian art scene.


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