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It´s All an Adventure... 
Interview project

25.04. – 22.06.2008

FLAGGFABRIKKEN "Artist in residence" presentation

Interview project in Bergen

Jooyoung Lee’s project will be undertaken on both an independent and a collaborative-basis, exploring the interstices of public and private spaces. For instance, Lee will invite local participants including artists, architect, musicians, designers, students and cultural workers from various groups within the community. It allows invited artists, students and cultural workers to make descriptions of self-portraits in words or speaking (by using narrative), for local participants and communities to produce and participate in art production. For example, Participants are invited to reply to questions: describing themselves, their work, their future plans and how cultural workers help with gentrification, urban renewal, the creation of a service economy, labor of affect/emotions etc. 
These interviews will be recorded on the video at Landmark that is a symbol of cultural intersection in Bergen.

Jooyoung Lee's work reflects an interest in language and translation. It is often temporal or event-based and projects transgress the public/private divide, reiterating people’s innermost desires and intentions to the outside world. During her residency in Melbourne she conducted interviews with local cultural workers across the culture industry.
The work included video recordings of these interviews (also screening on local TV), a large stenciled window work, as well as a reading room and archives from other projects she has been involved in.

Lee works across a variety of media such as installation, video, text, collage, publishing, posters, interview and advertisement. Jooyoung Lee also works directly in the public environment, such as through interventionist performances, collaboration, conceptual fashion brands and magazine spreads. One example is her collage-poster series taking image samples from Internet blog sites, mass media and fashion magazines in Seoul. These were published in the local fashion magazine "F1 The Style” as a collaborative project.

One of Lees first collaborative projects during her residency at Ssamzie Space in Seoul, was with the artist collective Danger Museum, and later she developed the project "Radio Hue," in collaboration with Art Space Hue. This is a radio style sound work that forms a portrait of the Seoul art scene of 2004 through interviews and reports with the people working within it.

Jooyoung Lees most recent project is called Yeeonhee-dong 195 Residency Project where she invited and collaborated with a group of Scandinavian curators and artists who spent three weeks in Seoul doing a workshop-exhibition with a large number or gradually invited Korean artists. The project was an attempt to see what happens when the conditions for working together are destabilized and there is no clear structure and no clear division of power. The result was simultaneously successful and deeply problematic in many ways.

Alexie Glass, the director from Gertrude contemporary art space wrote after visiting the Yeonhee-dong project:
“Your practice has diverged from a preoccupation with individual production to seeking engagement, to some extent, through desiring the reformulation of approaches to collective initiative. Art for arts sake and art as an excuse for social engagement. Both are valid and I see you looking for ways out, around, above and below, seeking passages to take you deeper into an understanding of how interrelational connections are established.”





Flaggfabrikken “Artist in residency” prosjekt med Jooyoung Lee presenteres på 3,14.
It´s All an Adventure av Jooyoung Lee er lydspor av intervjuer foretatt med kulturarbeidere verden over. Lees arbeid reflekterer over hennes fasinasjon av bruk av ulike språk og hvordan man gjennom oversettelser kommuniserer. Kunsten hennes er ofte tidsbestemt og hendelsesbaserte prosjekter som overskrider og visker ut grenser mellom det offentlige og det private. Hun gjengir menneskers mest intime betroelser og ønsker til den omkringliggende verden.

Jooyoung Lee's work

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