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(un)disturbed: ii:
The journey starts on the ground


(un)disturbed is a work that in its entirety examines sound pollution and how we humans are affected by the sounds that constantly surround us. The work is composed of several small collages with site-specific sounds. The journey starts on the ground is the work's second movement and consists of sounds recorded at Bergen Airport Flesland. The collage has been put together to investigate the extent to which the high-frequency sounds heard at an airport affect those who travel and work there.

Emily Adomah is a singer, producer and composer whose work varies from contemporary compositions and sound art, to her solo project where she makes experimental electronic pop music. She draws inspiration from nature, stars and the extraterrestrial, and is deeply fascinated by the intersection between people, sound and the environment.

Curator: Julie Lillelien Porter, Lydgalleriet

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