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video, installations

13.06 - 11.08.13

Skyvelære is both an exhibition, a series of work, and a text (later published as a book, *see link below) that together constitute the results of a Project in the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme, Bergen Academy of Art and Design 2014.

The video Skyvelære (While Attempting to Balance) portrays the 11th International Pyrheliometer Comparison Event (IPC-XI). Here, metrologists representing 45 different countries, accomplished the meticulous calibration of their Pyrheliometers, an instrument for measuring the energy emitted form the sun. Realized by artist Ellen Røed as part of her fellowship in artistic research at Bergen National Academy of Art and Design, it constitutes a reflection on the production of knowledge.


Composed of the words sliding and knowing, the norwegian term Skyvelære means caliper, a device which, by means of a set edge and a variable slide operated by the thumb, can be used to measure distance and depth in great detail. In the video, the production and use of units and set reference points are presented as a social project in which people relate to the world collectively.


The video was part of the final result of Røed´s fellowship project that was presented as a solo exhibition in 2013. Here, the video was presented as a projection with surround sound. In this number of In Formation the video is presented as an individual piece of video art, accompagnied with a text.

Ellen Johanne Røed

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

Visual artist, Ellen Røed, developed her practice by combining technological experimentation with images and an interest in how those images function in a performative context. As a research fellow in visual arts at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, from 2009–2013, Røed employed a variety of instruments to explore parallels and contradictions between video art and natural sciences, all centered on how we relate to our surroundings. In her own research, she interviewed scientific researchers as a basis for making art. She also experimented by using scientific instruments to create images. The result was a number of works that reflected on randomness, gestures, improvisation, and other informal aspects of formal knowledge. These works were shown in the Skyvelære exhibition at  3.14 in Bergen, from June to August 2013. This text has been developed on the basis of material written at Bergen Academy of Art and Design on the occasion of the exhibition.


*Publication Skyvelære >>>
Critical Reflection on Artistic Results of a Fellowship Project in Artistic Research >>>

The exhibition received support from the Norwegian Artistic Research Program, Kunst -og Designhøgskolen i Bergen, Bergen Kommune, and BEK.

Signe Lidén collaborated with Ellen in two of the works in the exhibition. She also has her own work in Parabol (sound shower), a series curated by Lydgalleriet downstairs in 3.14´s entrance hall.

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