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Down on The Farm - Where the eyes never see

09.12 - 11.12.2019

Opening event Monday 9th December, 17:00 - 19:00

The artist will make an introduction to the exhibition and book.


Throughout the two-day exhibition Tuesday 10th + Wednesday 11th between 11:00- 17:00, Higgins will be working in the gallery developing particular further relationships with the work and be engaging in dialogue with the public.


Duncan Higgins will present visual and textual artistic material and an artist’s book that aims to contribute to enhanced public understanding of particular conflicts in which the individuals experience, expression and voice has been a directly un-represented narrative. Constructed as an interwoven polyphonic narrative Down on The Farm - Where the eyes never see has been produced from collated material by Higgins from 15 years fieldwork on the Solovky Archipelago in north Russia as well as incorporating things related to closer to home.


This exhibition will be the premier of a serious of international exhibitions, book launches and educational events by Higgins over the next 3 years. Higgins’ research and educational engagement are inter-related and focused on the questioning of how the production of the image, the act of making images and how they perform can communicate or describe moments of erasure or remembering of ‘Our image’. ‘Our image’ is at the heart of how we have and are continually constructing our ethical positions and social conduct today. This has specific relationships in terms of both historical and personal narratives with direct reference and relationship to our voice/s in our representation/s.


The book is constructed as a container, designed, peer reviewed and edited to sit between documentation, history, poetic fiction, artists publication and educational tool. Within menacing evocative moments Down on the farm sets out to go where the eyes never see, it is part autobiography, part riposte to culture, and part collated testimonies constructed through an interwoven polyphonic form of words and images; somebody speaks here. Deliberately wandering long passages intertwined with short shards and re-collected fragments are coupled with struggling monologues that slip between omniscience and embodiment, and images dissolve and reveal. It is this recognition that The National Museum of Art in Lithuania agreed to co-publish and distribute Where the eyes never see in how it can be an active creative tool in contributing to our unfolding dialogues with social history, memory studies, museum studies and will be placed in educational institutions to act as a tool to enable the exploration of social narratives and their representation.

The exhibition includes art works produced by Higgins that relate specifically to the publication Where the eyes never see, and to compliment and further explore the exhibitions themes, questions and creative methods there is the inclusion of 4 unique large format books produced in collaboration between Duncan Higgins and Johan Sandborg.


Where the eyes never see  is published in partnership with M. K. Čiurlionis Lithuanian National Museum of Art, The University of Bergen and Nottingham Trent University, UK,


Duncan Higgins is an artist based in Sheffield, UK.

Higgins is Professor in Fine Art at The Art Academy – Department of Contemporary Art, University of Bergen Norway, and Professor in Visual Art at the School of Art and Design, Nottingham Trent University (NTU), UK.

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