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Dirar Kalash
unsieged resonance

Getting to know Dirar Kalash’ work through his recordings from everyday life in Gaza as an «invisible» power that can return, resist, persist and reach to places it supposedly can’t, he– given the current realities– made a new version of the sound piece unsieged resonance for this edition of PARABOL. Created in relation to the main exhibitions Communities in Movement conceived by Brandon LaBelle, and Yamaikaleter by Alexander Apóstol, Kalash’s sound piece bears uncompromising witness to the circumstances in Palestine as we speak. unsieged resonance opens with an automatic answer message conveying that the call cannot be made due to communication being cut in Gaza, followed by heavy electronic sounds processing a haunting, inside-out static vacuum.

Dirar Kalash is a Palestinian musician and sound artist whose work spans a wide range of musical and sonic practices within a variety of instrumental, compositional and improvisational contexts. Kalash also extends his practice into inter-disciplinary theoretical research. He has produced several solo and collaborative musical albums and is active as touring musician, in addition to that he also created several sound installations, live audio-visual performances, and photography projects.


PARABOL is an ongoing collaboration with Lydgalleriet, curated by Julie Lillelien Porter.  

Read Rita Agdal's speech in the exhibition opening 2.11.2023:


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