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Kobie Nel
Make your presence known

Make your presence known is a work by Kobie Nel, where the sensation of someone else's invisible but audible presence emerges in a sound landscape. The belief in the ability to communicate with the spirits of the deceased is woven into various aspects of modern art. Although such connections have often been met with condemnation from the public, spiritualism has left its mark on the women's movement, cultural politics, media and even forensic science. Nel's staged installations are carefully developed and often based on extensive research into obscure stories and myths.


Kobie Nel (b. 1984, Bloemfontein, South Africa) is an artist based in Bergen. She holds an MA from Bergen Academy of Art and Design (2016) and a BA in photography from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia (2011). She works with installation, sculpture and photography. Recent exhibitions include Høstutstillingen (2023), Norsk Billedhoggerforening, VOLT, Vestlandsutstillingen (2022) and Gyldenpris Kunsthall (2021). Her artist book Black Lake Monologue was published in 2017 by CODA Press, Bergen.


PARABOL is the name we use for the sound shower located in Kunsthall 3,14’s entrance hall. The sonic works presented here are curated by Lydgalleriet on invitation from Kunsthall 3,14, with the intention of reflecting the always relevant exhibition themes presented upstairs.


Since 2019, PARABOL has been curated by Julie Lillelien Porter at Lydgalleriet.

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