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Cinthia Marcelle

2010, Brazil | video | 8'36'' in loop


Cinthia Marcelle has in her work a unique approach which challange our perception about conventional aproach and interaction. This she often bring forth with a playful manner.
Sixteen musicians come from the four extremities of a cross, 4 from each side, wearing 4 colors: yellow, red, blue and green. The four groups (one with the ride cymbals, one with the snare and bass drums, one with the trumpets and trombones and one with the baritone saxhorns and tubas) each one at a time, come into action, playing the sounds in a chaotic way until they've reached the crossing point of the cross. When they all meet, face to face, they begin a duel, which ends up in a choreography where the musicians exchange places, forming then four music bands of colors and mixed instruments. At the sound of the same song finally in harmony, the musicians leave the crossing point, each one at a time and spread around, through the four ways of the cross.



Courtesy of Gallery Vermelho, São Paulo, Brasil.

Cinthia Marcelle is one of Brazils most exiting young artist and will be featured for the first time in Norway. 

Cinthia Marcelle won The Future Generation Art Prize 2010 from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, juried by Daniel Birnbaum (Sverige), Okwui Enwezor (Nigeria), Yuko Hasegawa (Japan), Ivo Mesquita (Brazil), Eckhard Schneider (Tyskland), Robert Storr (USA) and Ai Weiwei (Kina).

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