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Atlas / Oceano

Thiago Rocha Pitta is a Brazilian artist based in São Paulo, with a broad and active career. Pitta works with different media but a red thread in his practice is established in an intrinsic relationship with nature. Regardless of the specificity and diversity of each individual project, one can often witness a dialogue with nature, with the surroundings. This dialogue is established through different means, it can be conceptual, or related to material choice, or referent to the surroundings the work is conducted, to its site-specificity.
Some of the places he has exhibited in are PS1-MOMA (NY), Fondation Cartier pour L’art Contemporain (Paris), as well as 30th São Paulo Biennial, ARCO 2011 (Madrid), Mercosur Biennial 2005 and 2013. Pitta has also held numerous solo shows at different institutions, such as Meyer Riegger (Germany), Arts Initiative Tokyo, Museu de Arte da Pampulha (Brasil).

[Residency period 08.-10.2016]

Artist talk & Screening at 3,14

11.06.14, 19:00

Thiago Rocha Pittas artist talk consisted of a presentation of his ongoing project at Fitjar as well as earlier pieces.


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