7.03  - 25.04.2020

Alt Går Bra, in cooperation with Kunsthall 3,14, will present the first installment of its Acanthus Project at Kunsthall 3,14 through March and April, as part of the 950th Anniversary of Bergen.

The project researches one of the most ubiquitous architectural ornaments, the acanthus leaf. Best known for its characteristic rendering in Corinthian capitals, the acanthus unfurled from Ancient Greece to the rest of the world. Several local traditions embraced the ornament, giving it vernacular renditions such as the Norwegian rosemaling.

Five guided walks and an online database of Bergen acanthus will unveil these inconspicuous leaves on the facades of buildings in the city.


This installment of the project aims to convey a centrifugal force to the art institution in order to engage wider audiences with the multifaceted expressions of art. Kunsthall 3.14 resides in a building allegedly hosting the highest population of acanthus in Bergen. Counting by the hundreds, the leaves only ornate the building’s interior. The edifice lacks acanthus and presents nearly no ornamentation in its exterior. The Acanthus Project will metaphorically turn the building inside out as if it was transformed as it was a skeleton that is on the inside of a body into an outer skeleton enclosing the structure of the body.


By discovering the acanthus in Bergen, the project reflects upon a range of issues including tensions between cosmopolitanism and local culture, divisions between art and architecture and art and crafts, and the intrinsic value of art for society.


3,14LIVE program:

The Acanthus Project will be launched with a talk at Kunsthall 3,14 on Saturday 07.03 at 16.00, followed by a guided walk at 17.00

The following Saturdays: 14.03, 21.03, 28.03, 25.04 the other guided walks will depart from Kunsthall 3,14 at 15.00 (Norwegian speaking)

NB: The Acanthus guided walks are postponed until further notice.


The Municipality of Bergen / Bergen 950th Anniversary
Hordaland kunstsenters produksjonsstipend fra Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond

Vaagsallmennigen 12, 5014 Bergen, Norway