6.11 .2020/ 17.01.2021


Absent Presence

Parallel to the exhibition Ruškkodit follows the extended side programme

Absent Presence. Curated by Motaz al Habbash.


The title of the program is inspired by the poet Mahmoud Darwish's book Absent Presence which is about life in exile and surviving as a stranger elsewhere.

The invited artists have experienced to be a stranger inside or outside their own community. How does this alienation affect their work and their memory of their roots? 



Absent presence is a digital sideprogram of the exhibition Ruškkodit curated by Motaz Alhabbash.
In this program Alhabbash invites Palestinians artists who have experienced life in exile.

Bashar alhroub and his project Silent Garden where the artist follows the growth of his foreign plants in his own garden as a way to simulate his alienation inside his own country” Palestine”.

May Murad and her project Digital Residency, in this residency participates May Murad in a digital art residency with other artists around the world as attempt to reach out the outside world when she used to live in the besieged Gaza.

SOL Band is one of the first Palestinian music bands who formed eight years ago and has since gained great popularity in Palestine.
The borders separated the band members who are based now in Palestine and Turkey.

Vaagsallmennigen 12, 5014 Bergen, Norway