AiR exchange - Residency exchange program


Iran-Norway´s Curatorial Exchange Program 2015-2017

The curatorial exchange program, with partnership and collaboration of the Norwegian institution Kunsthall 3,14, is held in order to enhance the curatorial knowledge in Iran’s contemporary art and provide a proper situation to make dialogue between Iranian and international curators.

Orkideh Daroudi (Curator - Gallery Owner) and Alireza Bayat (Curator) are the two selected young Iranian curators who worked on this project beside Sissel lillebostad and Malin Barth, the other two curators from Norway. The result of their collaboration will be shown in 2017, in both Iran and Norway.

The residency resulted in the upcoming exhibition and publication “Shadow of Garden”. The date for Bergen is June 16th through August 6th, and in Teheran from October 27th through November 19th, 2017.

The project is developed in collaboration between Iranian curators Orkideh Daroodi and Alireza Bayat together with Norwegian curators Sissel Lillebostad and Malin Barth. The exchange was initiated in 2015 between Kooshk Residency in Teheran and Kunsthall 3,14 in Bergen. The exhibition is composed of works from eight artists, from Iran and Norway, and the themes discussed are understanding and cultivation of nature. This is fundamental for survival but it also leads to territorial boundaries and conflict over resources. The topic discussed in a series of texts by writers from both Iran and Norway.

(The curators explore this complex topic within the present socio-political situation, which is tarnished by distress and anxiety related to un-predictability, but where one also find optimism and energy to solve these issues. They also want to take a closer look at the shade we create and how one through art perceive this position.)




Artists for Iran-Norway´s Exchange Program 2016

In a collaboration between Kooshk Residency and Kunsthall 3,14, the exchange program between 4 Iranian and Norwegian artists will be held on 2016. Adriana Alves and Gitte Sætre from Norway, and Mehrdad Afsari and Amirhosain Bayani have been nominated to participate in this exchange program.

The first part was held 01-15 February, 2016 in Bergen, and the second part in Tehran 01-15 June, 2016.


Currency of Fantasy; a discursive workshop by Adriana Alves and Gitte Sætre

June 12th from 18:00 to 20:00
Dialog based exchange program between 3,14 and Kooshk Residency.
In collaboration with Rybon Art Center.

Can the soft power of aesthetics and the artists’ role as creative agents build up a platform for new ideas, plans and initiatives?
As the second part of the exchange program between Kooshk residency (Teheran) and the Foundation 3,14 (Bergen, Norway), we are hosting two Norwegian based artists - Adriana Alves and Gitte Sætre. In this regards, the guest artists invite colleagues for a discursive workshop. The starting point for the arrangement is to engage on a dialogue regarding art’s potential to redefine global infrastructures and transform social behavioural patterns.

The open call goes to individual voices, working not only within visual art field, which are open to contribute to diversity and to a broader dialogue between people. Sætre and Alves will start out by introducing the concept of community as a ’poetic re-claiming of functions as well as NuitDebout (Night on Our Feet), an ongoing activity in Place de la Republique in Paris, aiming to catalyze further discussion on the future. In order to manage this challenging task of visualizing the alternatives lying ahead of us, the artists aim to initiate a playful and collaborative mind mapping of what we today might categorize as utopias.

Vaagsallmennigen 12, 5014 Bergen, Norway